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Kuwait is one of the sovereign states in the Arab emirate located at the northeast of the Arabian Peninsula in Western Asia. Kuwait is bordered by Saudi Arabia to the south and while Iraq borders it to the north and lies in on the northwestern shore of the Persian Gulf.  Kuwait is ranked as the 5th richest country in the world with a GDP (PPP) of US$167.9 billion and a per capita income of US$81,800.Consequently, Kuwait has its human development index standing at 0.912 this being the highest in Middle East region following Israel which has the highest in the Arab world. With Kuwait having an annual GDP growth rate of 5.7%, Kuwait stands out to be has one of the fastest growing economies in the region (World Facts book).The 2008 Index of Economic Freedom reports that  Kuwait has the second-most free economy in the Middle East where in March 2007 Kuwait's foreign exchange hit a  stood at US$213 billion mark. Kuwait Stock Exchange on the other hand has nearly 200 firms listed and thus making it the second-largest stock exchange in the Arab. The economy of Kuwait has been affected by number of issues. Kuwait's relies heavily to Petroleum and petrochemicals which accounts for nearly half of GDP and 95% of export revenues and the increase of oil prices after 2003 ensued to a surge in Kuwait's economy (Index of economic freedom).


Macro Level View of Kuwait Express Market

            Kuwait's has a liberal economy characterized by the operations of a number of diverse businesses engaged in imports, exports or the production of goods for local consumption. Kuwait has established a number of express business operations that have operation for a number of years. These businesses have helped Kuwait develop and put it economy at par with other regions in the locality and the world at large.  With the availability of strong infrastructure, the existing express business service providers have in the past increased the quality service delivered through the several courier networks available.

            Kuwait has of express service providers who have competed to provide for country's express service. These companies have competed for the market share in the express business though there is still room for expansion as Kuwait's economy offers a lot. These companies include DHL, FedEx and Skywards

30/60/90 day sales plan

Westwood (2005) confirms that sales plan is useful in ensuring that a business meets it objectives.

In this regard, a sales plan for FedEx will be very critical in meeting the company's sales targets.


First 30 days.

Meetings and discussion shall be held with the management to prioritize what is needed of sales team in a given time frame. This sales goal should achieve a positive business growth for FedEx. This stage will also involve the setting up of communication networks that will facilitate the interactions between the management and the sales team on the ground. This information in the form of paper work will be submitted to the Human resource officers. The sale representative shall also meet and discuss the fine details of the sales process where challenges, expectations, game plan, goal and successes shall be discussed.  Training shall also be done to the sales representatives on the sales process. This stage will also involve submission of reports detailing progress.

      Next 30 days

This stage will involve the formulation of a plan to maximize on the potential of existing FedEx pro product line as well as exploring new opportunities. Follow up will then be done to address need for communication and team work. A proper business plan needs to be developed for products that need exposure. The sales person should meet influential decision makers in the region who can be used as spokesperson.  Plan preceding this stage should be checked for completion and reports submitted.

Last 30 days

A network should be developed amongst fellow regional managers and the top salespeople across Kuwait. Their opinions and experience from the field should be tapped and the ideas and   information implemented to realize more productivity. Strategies should also be developed based on product development input from the field, aimed at defending FedEx against competitive threats. Opportunities available to FedEx should be reviewed to strengthen the strategies where recruiters will be contacted in the region. A report should then be made based on the results per region covered.

Career aspirations and goals

            Working as a sales person for FedEx, my aspirations is to emerge as one of the best employee of FedEx geared and committed to the achievement of success for the company. Being in a position to open new markets and possibilities for FedEx will be a drive to my sales operations.

  In the end, I am geared towards achieving immense sales skills and experience that will make me a well-rounded sales person in the region


Improvement to FedEx

            Technology has been used by many business environments as tool to promote sales and growth. As a sales representative, one has to play a crucial role in coming up with suggestions of innovative solutions that can be used to achieve sales for FedEx and thus put in ahead of other competitors. 


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