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In a wide and broad aspect of marketing and business, it can be seen that strategies such as customer satisfaction brought about by the decrease average of customer complaints, decline in defective products and services, and continuous customer patronage make a certain business or industry competitive in the market such as in the case of Firestone. In focusing on the customer satisfaction, it cannot be denied that positioning a certain product or service in the market is easier. It only needs to ensure that all the needs of the customers are being met in order to retain them and increase profitability. In the case of the Firestone Company, it can be seen that they have been operating for years now offering its clients with automobile retail.
It is but proper to conduct an analysis of the company using the statistical process control wherein customer satisfaction, decline in defective products and services, and continuous customer patronage.

Customer Satisfaction

Although customer satisfaction is necessary to any successful business, Firestone is continually learning that satisfaction alone is not enough to build a loyal customer base. In the 1980s and 1990s, customer satisfaction was the watchword for business. Everyone was rushing around to find a way to make customers happy by meeting and even exceeding their expectations. The theory was that if customers are satisfied, they buy more and do so more often. Hence, it cannot be denied that Firestone has been continually

Decline in Defective Products and Services

In this area of analysis it can be seen that Firestone cares only about is the articulation of an approach for the firm to achieve an even stronger market positions through an unquenchable thirst for improvement.
All this probably sounds very familiar--as it should--since most firms obviously seek to be successful by stimulating high commitment among their employees. It is the elixir that can bring a new vitality to the practice of management. Starting from Porter's concept of the value chain, it can be proposed that a simplified version of the chain of innovation and creation of quality products to clearly illuminate the process of value creation in products and services. When coupled with the detailed analysis of important customer needs what emerges is a potent technique for strategic management characterized by a constant striving to maximize value delivered to customers (Gomez, 2008).

Continuous Customer Patronage

Many think the customer loyalty has forever vanished and that lowest price is the only thing that keeps a customer returning. But, take heart. Customer loyalty is alive and well. With the Firestone Company would tell the society that in today's unforgiving marketplace, creating and maintaining customer loyalty is more complex than ever. Firestone is likewise using the internet to secure its position in the market this is because of the fact that widespread use of the Internet has changed how customers expect relationship-building to work.
No longer is marketing and sales information simply pushed toward the customer. Now, a company must also allow customers to pull the marketing information they want, when they want it, and complete the purchase process on their terms. This principle is being applied by the Firestone in retaining its customers. Because of the usage of Internet, Firestone does not only maintain its old time customer but rather engage into collecting more customers that added to the increase of its sales and profitability. The business that has been engaged upon with by Firestone in the field of automobile retailing has been going strong because the knowledge of its business, products and services are being spread big time in the Internet (Perreault, 2005).

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