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The slowed economy has affected me financially and emotionally because I have been forced to take up a job as a correctional officer. This was against my aptitude and wishes which makes me depressed day by day. I increasingly live pay check to pay check. The bills pile up almost everyday on my credit report forcing me to postpone it due to the lack of college funding.

Some assignments are more hands-on with inmates and others require just sitting and watching the controls.

On any given day I could be assigned to 15 different posts. Usually we stay in the same post for a couple of weeks, so we get in the swing of things, but to stay for a month is too stressful or too monotonous(Davenport, 2001). Also forced by the recession and trying to squeeze money out of every state agency, the country is closing the prison where I work and nine other small- and medium-security prison facilities by Oct.

1 to save an estimated $52 million over two years.

It is too stressful to work in here with very less paychecks. Also very few people are available to work as correctional officer these days due to stressful and hazardous working conditions. Here one officer is forced to do the work of five other officers in order to survive in this economic situation. I have been injured five or six times due to confrontation with a dangerous inmate .The greatest risk I face is a layoff and several people around have lost their jobs.

Since I am not laid off yet, I am forcefully ordered to work for longer hours to compensate for the new workers who aren't hired.

In short I am one of the victims of this economic slowdown and if it had been a time of no economic crisis I would have happily worked in some places of my choice with better pay and relaxing work atmosphere .Hence I am keeping hands crossed so that recession ends soon and end this emotional turmoil of mine.


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