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Free «Industrial Geography» Essay Sample

Definition of terms

  1. Localized input
  2. This refers to materials are available only in certain regions
  3. Ubiquitous input
  4. This refers to inputs which are available more or less everywhere in a similar quality and at approximately same price
  5. Pure production
  6. Are materials that impart their total weight to the products (eg. cotton, wool, etc)
  7. Weight-losing production
  8. Refers to a production where the final product weight is less than the weight of the raw materials used in making the product. Example is copper.
  9. Weight gaining production

This refers to production where the final product is heavier than the raw materials used in the manufacture of the product i.e.  Material index is equal to one. Example is beverage manufacturing.

a) What observations did you make about international trade as you explored this site?

From this site, it is clear that international trade is prevailing and one is able to shop for anything from any country no matter where he/she is located.

b) What is the quirkiest/strangest item you found? (Tell what it is and a brief description.)

1.0L/0.5L ABS copper color vacuum flask 189

This is a golden flask with a capacity of 0.5 liters.

c) What is the minimum order you must buy of this product?

12 Pieces

d) What is the company name that makes it?


e) Where is this company located?

Guangdong, China (Mainland)

f) Is it from an export processing/free-trade zone? If it is from China, is it in one of the Special Economic Zones?

It is not from one of the special economic zone

g) What is the wholesale price?

The wholesale price is US $ 10-12/ Set 

h) How would you get the item? What shipping information was provided? (cost, where it would arrive)? 

The item is shipped to the customer using the customer preferred means and the duration of shipping depends on the location of the buyer.

i) Find an item with a relatively high profit percentage (compared to other items on the site). What is the item and what is the profit percentage?

Sloping Roof Prefab House for Family

Profit percentage is 20%

j) Find a house or building on the site and include details (brief description, size, cost, shipping  information)

House - movable family slope roof prefab house


  • Movable family slope roof prefab house
  • Quick assemble
  • Light Steel & insulate panel
  • Kit package: 6 units/40HQ
  • Light Steel Structure - strong for long-term living
  • Structural insulate panel - Good heating and sound insulation
  • Movable family slope roof prefab house


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