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Free «Los Angeles Comparative Advantage» Essay Sample


The law of comparative advantage refers to the notion that states that every nation, city or town has a production activity that incurs a lower opportunity cost than other nations, cities or towns. This law has a fundamental advantage to international trade. It also applies to different areas of specialization, for instance, division of labor. One can understand the law of comparative advantage by looking at several things that put one nation, city or town on top of the others. This paper looks at the comparative advantage of the Los Angeles city in the United States of America.


The Los Angeles city in the United States of America has many advantages over the other cities. Despite the fact that it may not rank as the largest city, it has some advantages over some large cities in the United States of America. First, Los Angeles provides a landscape that allows people a change of air without having to go out of town. Los Angeles has a mountainous landscape with a rather dry climate. Towards the northeast of Los Angeles, called the valley, one can find Burbank and Glendale areas. The beautiful sceneries that these mountainous views have attract both the internal and external tourists.

Los Angeles has the famous movie industries, television networks and borrows, such as the universal studio, Warner bros and NBC network. The city has beautiful beaches in Santa Monica and Orange County located in south Los Angeles. It also has beautiful parks such as Disneyland and Knott's berry farm. All these provide rich scenery that attracts a lot of revenue to the economic stability of the city.  Because of the beautiful scenes, the city has attracted many business entities that would like to work and do business in a serene environment (LeGates, 2011).

The city of los angles also helped its residents to own electric vehicles, easily. The city streamlined the process of permitting, inspecting and installing meters that made it convenient for people in los angles to own electric vehicles. This put los angles at a better position, in terms of a remarkable competitive advantage in the race of being the electric car capital of the entire world. The electrical infrastructure department in Los Angeles has put its services up to task to ensure that the electric vehicles and other electric needs of the town do not suffer any shortage.

The rise of commercial aviation, high-speed rail, technological advances and the internet have allowed Los Angeles to have a competitive advantage over the other cities. Los Angeles has law firms and other financial powerhouses that handle the west coast fortunes every day.

The fact that Los Angeles is a large city provides its residents with a wide range of job opportunities to choose. The town has a range of business companies that range from telecommunications, banking, insurance, motor companies, manufacturing and production companies and industries among others. Therefore, the town provides people with work opportunities that can help them earn a salary that can provide them with basic needs and help them afford some form of luxury. The leadership of the town from the mayor downwards and the security makes the city one of the finest that one may want to live and spent the rest of their lives (LeGates, 2011).

People living in Los Angeles cannot lack what to do or where to go. Los Angeles has some of the best clubs that offer people a time to relax from the hustle of the day. It has a good number of renowned entertainers, such as tony Picasso.


The social amenities, the beautiful scenery, tourist attractions, job opportunities, leadership, security, transport industry and tourist attraction sites that Los Angeles posses, help it stand out, in terms of its competitive advantage over other cities.


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