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As the world keeps growing economically, the industrial sector globally keeps on developing further and further. This is especially in the wake of technological improvements and advancement in technology. The major players in industrial development are the various organizations, factories, businesses and industries that operate worldwide consequentially widening the scope of economic growth. Conversely, the position of the industry, proper management and the organizational behavior are the major determinants of business success and prosperity. Proper planning is a business strategy that sees the businesses operations going on as planned and eventually lead to the prosperity of the business. How well the working practice and pattern of the organization is verifies how good the outcome of the employees work will be (Kandula, 2004). This means that, the work pattern should be organized and systematic in manner that should suggest cooperation, unity, fairness and teamwork to ensure the best outcome.

Accountability and transparency are other determining factors of business success. This relates the management of organizations and/or organizations. Furthermore, good treatment and proper remuneration of the workforce/laborers (employees) also influences their commitment, hardworking and loyalty to the organization hence enhances the chances of business success (Kandula, 2004). In case the business plan fails to achieve the required objectives, the stakeholders should take a step to make particular changes and improve on previous business ideas and strategies. Therefore, this paper will discuss the management and organizational behavior of the Toyota Company. Furthermore, close analysis will be given to the working pattern and the working practice including the industries details. Finally, a comparison of two industries will be done and suggestions made to change any malpractice. To arrive at the conclusions statistical analysis was carried out.


The automobile industry is known for the production of cars (vehicles) and other transportation means all over the world. It is an industry that started long time ago and has shown persistence especially when it comes to introducing new model to cater for the high demand for cars. The Toyota Company is a renowned producer for automobiles and has been in the industry for long. It has been one of the major players in the field. The Toyota Headquarters are based in the Toyota City of Aichi in Japan (Toyoda, 1987). That is the central place where all operations regarding Toyota are carried out by the concerned stakeholders.

The company concerns itself with the manufacturing of automobiles including cars, buses, vans and many others. As a matter of fact, the company has opened up distribution centers all over the world and gone ahead to establish more manufacturing centers in many countries all over the globe. The company was established in August 28th 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda (Toyoda, 1987). Throughout the years the company has been in operation, it has produced over one hundred million automobiles, commercial vehicles and even motorcycles. This has influenced the popularity of Toyota all over the World leave alone Japan. Moreover, by revenue, Toyota is the eleventh largest company all over the world (Liker & Hoseus, 2007).

Since it was established, there have been a number of major changes especially on the board of directors, the CEO, the scope of operation and the number of distribution centers and other manufacturing centers. This includes the establishment of more distribution and manufacturing centers and the closing up of others. This clearly shows the countless activities that Toyota has involved in since it was started. The company has been able to establish regional centers for helping the less advantaged in the society and assisting refugees in various parts of the world. Toyota is a company managed by a management board that has a chairman. Through history, there have been relentless efforts by the  management board in ensuring that Toyota goes great heights by giving the best service to its clients and maintaining consumer loyalty (Liker & Hoseus, 2007).

Working Pattern

Just like any other company, Toyota has a working pattern that all workers employed in the company have to follow to the latter. This applies to all the manufacturing centers and the distribution centers. Each and every organization has got its own pattern that they believe is the best of organizational management. For Toyota, the production team makes the largest part of the workers employed in the company. They work on a two shift pattern that runs as follows; the first period starts at a half past seven in the morning and ends a half past six in the evening (Monden, 2007). The Second period starts at a half past six in the evening and ends at a half past seven in the morning. It should be noted that there is time for recreation and taking meals in the two periods. A close analysis reveals that there are those who work during the day and those who work during the night hours. However, this is done interchangeably. In some other parts of the company, the work pattern runs on a three shift program (Monden, 2007).

As it has been said earlier, there are millions of people who work for Toyota and that the work force does not consist of the production team alone. There are distribution agents, branch managers and many other minor positions that are held by several individuals. Toyota is a company that has led as an example in enhancing diversity among employees. The employees in the different regional centers come from different parts of the world and work together to produce the best cars in the world. All the employees included, Toyota has a pay forum that sees them remunerated fairly and according the positions they hold (Monden, 2007). Moreover, the significance that the company gives to diversity among the workforce enhances the chances of the best working environment which is the perfect ingredient for employee unity and encourages teamwork.

Best and Worst Working Practices

In the Toyota Company, the working practice has been organized in a systematic manner that attributes the success of the company in its endeavors (Toyoda, 1987). First and foremost the best working practice is the embracing of employee diversity and encouraging it in all the regional centers. Employee diversity entails the recruiting of employees from all walks of life, from different races/regions and of different status (Jackson, 2008). The company brings them on a common ground where they have to work under the same circumstances towards the same goal. This improves unity and enhances teamwork which is the ideal recipe for organization success. The marginalized groups can use this chance to improve on their skills and work together with their fellow beings from all over the world.

Secondly, the company’s practice of using shifts during the production process also ensures that employees are not overworked and that they do an equal bunch of work. The interchanging of shifts brings the workers under the same circumstances at a moment in time. This is a strategy that the company uses to rate the workers at the same level (Jackson, 2008). This is extended to the fact that remuneration is done fairly and compensation done according to the type of tasks done by individual employees. Additionally, since the workers once went on a go-slow, the company has raised the wages to a substantial standard that is reliable to all the employees (Liker & Hoseus, 2007).

In the wake of advancing technology, production of cars in the automobile industry has gone to whole new level. Instead of human beings, there is the use of robots to do the manual work previously done by human beings. What does this mean? It means that there has to be a terrible replacement. On the other hand, this means people losing jobs. That is the worst working practice that the company has ever had. Due to increased competition and the urge to produce more, the company has to replace part of its staff with computer-programmed machines (Liker & Hoseus, 2007). Despite the fact that the machines work at a higher pace compared to the humans (and their output is superior compared to humans), the company should find an alterative other than sacrificing the wage of the employees for technology-brought robots.

Comparative Review of the Two Companies

Compared to the Adidas Company (Sportswear company), Toyota Company shares a number of similarities in the working practice. Both companies employ workers on the basis of diversity and promote teamwork from the workforce. The work pattern in Adidas is almost the same with that of Toyota as both run on a shift basis (both day and night). This is majorly due to the fact that they are both production companies and have to cope with competition and increase their stock and/or supplies. A major difference between the two companies is on the board of governors or the management system. Moreover, the period which both organizations have been in individual fields/industries is quite different and that puts them on different levels of working experience. However, a major observation is that the two are almost similar when it comes to working practice and pattern.

Suggestions for Change and Conclusion

At a glance, there is no major change that needs to be done in the Toyota Company working practice. Everything is organized in a systematic manner that sees the company soar to greater heights in the automobile industry. The major challenge stated above is rise of technological innovations that the company should learn to deal with and reduce the firing of employees at all costs. Apart from changing the management system in regional centers, there are no other major suggestions to alter any other thing. Since the company started, the system in use has proved to be useful and the best for the success of the Toyota Company (Jackson, 2008). All they need to do is to keep up their pace and improve on employee relations in their regional centers.


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