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The increasing number of female participants in athletics back in 1998, inspired Chip Wilson to form the modern Lululemon Athletica company, which is rapidly growing with an aim of designing athletic outfits suitable for all activities, and for both men and women who have interest in running and performing yoga. The company is based in Canada, with its headquarters in Vancouver, BC.

Lululemon's first store was set up with the purpose of serving as a community focal point for the locals to learn the physical aspects of health living from yoga, dieting to running and cycling as well as the mental aspects of living a powerful life of possibilities. However, this generated a lot of interest among locals that the initial purpose was altered to have more Lululemon staff educators expand their services. With the initial goal of training people on healthy living to positively influence families in their circles of influence, Lululemon has turned out to be a company that is today turning dreams into realities. Today, the company encourages both employees and community members to embrace the culture of setting their own goals in life based on six core components of: audacity, balance, vision, possibility, integrity and format.

The company's mission is to create components for people to live a longer, healthier, more fun life! It envisions to elevate the world from a place of mediocrity to that of greatness. This is achieved through focusing on activities such as singing, flossing, dancing, travelling and yoga. Its operations are guided and rooted in its seven outstanding core values which include: balance, integrity, entrepreneurship, quality, fun, product and greatness. It has got a detailed manifesto, which provides guidance on the various aspects of healthy living. The statements found in the manifesto all seem to be pro-healthy living and pro-happiness, an aspect the company strives to uphold daily through its employees across the globe and its operations.

Today, the company's key market targets include both men and women's athletic outfits ranging from tops, bottoms and accessories. The tops include jackets and hoodies, bottoms like skirts, dresses, shorts, pants and accessories including bags, socks, underwear and headwear. These clothes are quite trendy and very affordable to members of the community.

One of the key components making Lululemon Athletica to stand out in the market competition is through the community involvement. The company has successfully incorporated and worked with communities in all its activities thus has established its sustainability. A case in point is through involving teams, through the team sales program. The program invites applications from teams which share its mission and vision, are actively involved in training and aim to achieve athletic goals while wearing the best in technical apparel, designed by athletes for athletes. This team sales program initiative enables the company to foster strong mutual relationships with athletes ,yoga studios and fitness facilities that are elevating their communities by being a stand for health and fitness. It also pays for employees to pursue yoga classes, a strong indication in the company's aim for capacity building and development.

The company has had both long term and short term strategies including the continued expansion of its activities in more communities, enhancing its presence on social media links like facebook, twitter and linked-in and continued promotion of health living activities in the society.


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