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Free «Procter & Gamble’s Human Resource Function» Essay Sample

Procter and Gamble is a multinational company dealing with a range of products including household cleaning, laundry detergents, personal care, prescription drugs, and disposable nappies. Grensing (2010) explains that selection of employees in the company refers to the process of interviewing and analyzing candidates for a particular job and selecting an individual for employment based on certain criteria. For a successful organization, effective selection of employee is a critical factor as it helps to ensure that new employees have required abilities to perform their jobs. It also provides a foundation for other human resource practices such as goal setting, effective job design, and compensation. This motivates workers to put their effort needed to perform job effectively and efficiently. Procter and Gamble uses a number of methods and approaches in the process of employee‘s selection such as preliminary applicant screening, testing reliability, interviewing,background investigation, realistic job previews. The paper aims to analyze the procedure of employee’s selection by Procter and Gamble and methods the company uses to hire new employees.

Preliminary Applicant Screening

This refers to the process of analyzing resumes or CVs and conducting short interviews at conferences or over the phone. The objective of this is to filter applicants to a short list of candidates who have chance to fill a potential vacancy (Grensing, 2010). Employers analyze skills, required qualifications, and relevant experience of applicants. This enables members of the search committee to compare and evaluate applicants based on relevant strengths and weaknesses.

Testing Reliability and Validity of Testing Methods

Reliability refers to the measure of consistency and dependability of a test while validity refers to research that provides evidence that a test actually measures. A test is considered effective if it measures data reliably and consistently (Kraut & Korman, 1999). This means if  persons are to take a test again, they are supposed to obtain similar results. Approach of testing provides to make effective employment decisions. Reliability of a test could be affected by the following factors differences in the environment in which the test is done, for instance, lighting, temperature, and noise. Another factor is the psychological or physical state of a person during the testing, for example, fatigue, motivation or even different levels of anxiety could affect the results. Another factor is form of the test. Many tests come in different forms or versions but each is supposed to establish the same thing. Since different forms contain different items, a person might do better on one test than the other.

Selection Interview

This is a scenario in which a person who is a candidate through personal contact avails himself to be observed in order to evaluate and assess the suitability of a candidate for a job. The aim of selection interview is to predict candidate’s behavior when in a certain job scenario, give a candidate information and access candidate’s suitability for the job. This is done accurately through obtaining of a sample of person’s behavior sufficiently typical and probable behavior of person in the future. For instance, ability tests could tell about special abilities to think spatially, creativity, and special abilities for manual agility. These tasks can show person’s strengths and weaknesses; while testing in a group situation would show how efficient an individual can work in a team. During a selection interview, candidates can get a practical situation or a problem and asked to handle it (Kraut & Korman, 1999).

There are different types of selection interviews. Audition works efficiently in the case a company wants to see a candidate in action before making a hiring decision. In order to evaluate candidate’s skills, the interviewers may take a candidate through a brief exercise or simulation. These exercises should give a candidate a simplified sense of what the applied job requires. Another type is stress interview. It helps to analyze candidates’ reactions and behavior when put under pressure or difficult situations. An interviewer can challenge a candidate’s belief and judgments. This type of stress is designed to assess whether a candidate can cope with difficulties and any other form of stress while withstanding the company culture and working with company’s clients (Noe, 2006). Behavioral interview is another form of selection interview. A candidate’s previous behavior is used to indicate his future performance. A candidate could be asked to describe a situation that requires leadership, problem solving skills, multitasking, stress management, and initiative depending on the responsibilities and the working conditions for a particular job.

Evaluation refers to a process of gathering data and then analyzing it in a way that the resulting information can be used to establish whether an organization is running efficiently and achieves the stated goals and adjectives

Background Investigation/Reference Checking

This is a process of looking up and compiling criminal, financial, and commercial records of an individual. This investigation ensures that a candidate is reliable, trustworthy, and of good character, considering a fact that  most of the CVs can contain false information.

Realistic Job Previews

This is an approach that enables the candidates to obtain a balanced view of the aspects of job. These aspects could be either positive or negative. The aim of this is to present a realistic view of the position in order to attract the right employees for the job. This enables the hired employees to understand and accept the working conditions of the organization.

Hiring Decision and Candidate Notification

The final step is making a hiring decision and notifying the successful candidates. When hiring committee has made decision, a candidate is notified verbally and then in writing form. Salary and benefits, date of appointment, and the appointment rank are confirmed in the documentation. The candidate is waited to confirm whether they accept the offer before notifying unsuccessful applicants. 


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