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Business Need

Buffalo Wing was established in 1948 and its popularity has improved tremendously in 50 years. Across the world, it comes in different forms, flavors, and textures which one would experience in the Buffalo Wing World. Current aficionado of average Buffalo Wing has sampled just a proportion of these variances and has a partial understanding regarding the history of the Wings pleasant delicacy.


This project particularly embarks on broad planning and feasibility. Initiation of additional projects to finish the consequential phases will be determined by the success of the first phase. The projected phase is intended to pay homage to Buffalo Wing’s history. Besides, it will provide a matchless sampling of buffalo chicken sandwiches, salads, buffalo wings, wraps, as well as other dishes. Interested patrons will enjoy both the cultural history and the food as the waiting area will also serve as a history museum. Guests can engage themselves in other activities after dinner which includes visiting the gift shop and buying a range of sauces, treats, clothes, and cookbooks.


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Project Manager and Authority Level

As the project manager, I am supposed to initiate, plan, execute, monitor, control and close the project in the project time limit. The project manager has the power to create and sustain a project team, direct and endorse the scope of a project, plan and budget in addition to procuring contractors to meet the project requirements.

The Major Milestones of the project

The project starts on 01/01/14, and the Initial Demand Assessment is completed by 01/14/14. The Business Case is developed by 01/27/14, while the Concept of Operations and Prototypes is completed by 02/24/14. The Market Research is completed on 03/07/14, and the High Level Construction and Grand Opening Plans are completed by 04/08/14. Lastly, the Plan denial or approval decision is made on 04/27/14 and the Project ends on 04/30/14.

Primary Stakeholders

The primary stakeholders who will be involved in the planning and the project include:

  • Joshua Herring, who is a wing lover and sponsor. He has a high effect and interest in the project. His main responsibility is to approve and fund consequential projects.
  • Frank Jenkins is a city council. He will provide council authorization of construction plans needed. He has a high impact and low interest.
  • Emma Beth is a business manager and a specialist in business case development, marketing and management. She has a medium impact and high interest.
  • Sara White is a lead architect and has a medium impact and high interest.
  • Jeff Michaels who is the author of “Wing King” blog, a source of market research. He can be weighted for community polls as well as response. Michaels has a low impact and high interest in the project.
  • Me, as the project manager, have a low impact and high interest.

High-level Assumptions

It is assumed that the presence of a dedicated online community that is represented by Michael Jeff will help the project team acquire feedback regarding ideas and forecast demand.

High-level Constraints

The project’s planning and feasibility is projected to take duration of four months, while the general budget for the planning and feasibility of the project is 350,000 U.S. dollars.

High-level Budget

The general budget for the planning and feasibility of the project is 350,000 U.S. dollars.

High-level Risks

It is assumed that proper authorization may be unattainable if it is difficult to convince the city council regarding the value of the projected venture.

Project Success Criteria

In order to make a well-versed denial or approval concerning moving on to the construction phase of the general project, adequate data shall be presented to the suitable city approval authority and to the sponsor.


The involved parties shall append the signatures as required.

SMART requirements

  • The plans shall be founded on a market research and carried out via the “Wing King” blog and duly completed by 03/07/14.
  • The projected site shall be a secure locale with good access to transportation.
  • A marketing plan encompassing marketing costs, outreach techniques as well as the intended audiences shall be developed by 03/07/14.
  • Hypothetical diagrams that illustrate how the restaurant, museum, and gift shop appearance will be developed with an aim of supporting market research.
  • The project team will comprehend whether the city council shall approve the high level construction plan before presenting it to the sponsor for final denial or approval.
  • A presentation encompassing the entire comprehensive final plans, as well as a feasibility study, shall be represented to the sponsor. He has the responsibility of making the final decision regarding whether or not to continue with the consequential project.


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