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This is the seventh largest city in Arizona. The city is located adjacent and to the southeast of Phoenix. It is in north Tempe specifically at the intersection of loop 101 and 202. Utmost 120 restaurants, retailers and entertainment venues are found within the cover of approximately 1.3 million square feet. It is regarded as part and parcel of the great metropolitan phoenix area. Temple market place is characterized to have a diverse economic base and it is this feature that makes it a renowned city in many parts of the world. Apart from the firm economic base and capital set up in the city, it has a high concentration of companies that are technology related and this provides the bases for technological advancement in different sectors of its economy. The temple plays a significant role in the city one being the home area of the third largest university in the country (ArizonaStateUniversity). Another striking this about the temple worth noticing is the fact the corporate office of US Airways is situated in the temple as well as other established employers such as Salt River project, Motorola and Chase Bank Card Services. Therefore, all and sundry can come to a thoughtful unanimous conclusion that the Temple Place in Arizona is a city with a rich background and set up worthy of discussion.

The temple market place over the last few years has been a perfect example and model of a blend of a number of corporate activities, recreation, residential neighborhood, and manufacturing. Actually, TempleMarket Place is of great significance to many people in the country and even outside the country because it is an area where one can find everything that he or she requires to spend leisure time perfectly. To begin with, Arizona State University provides spectacular grounds for strolls and the university itself harbors about 50, 000 students coming from all the states as well as students from over 120, 0000 countries who enroll for their studies every year. Amazingly, the TempleCampus is the largest of all other campuses of this university. Arizona State University takes the honor of giving the entire Phoenix area a unique profile such that in many instances when people look for places of residence in the temple, areas close to ASU are given the first priorities since areas near dorms have been characterized by relatively high rates of crime and also feature a young and transient population.

Certainly, TempleMarket Place is also known for some distinctive features that not only attract many tourists locally but also internationally. One of these is the TempleHistoryMuseum. This Museum contain a number of achieves that reveals the historical development of the Temple and its surrounding features. The fact that entry here is free enables large number of people to find their way in the city to the Museum especially those learning, researching or just interested in history. Sports are also one of the activities that this city never left to incorporate in the wake of its development. One can easily enjoy sporting in Spring Training baseball game especially at Temple Diablo Stadium. This stadium has the capacity to contain relatively many people since a number of sporting activities are held there especially soccer, volley ball and athletics. In this article, I can also not fail o mention Sea Life Arizona, the most beautiful aquarium in the city jut located at the Arizona Mills Malls. The aquarium is indoors and is well air-conditioned which makes it a comfortable place for relaxation and spending of leisure time in the market place. As summer strikes its beams, one can also find a place of solace from scorching heats of summer just within the templeMarket Place. Big Surf water provides excellent solution to this. It is adorned with swimming pools, water slides and enjoyments for customers of all ages during the summer months thus making this city a place of residence during summer.

Just to sum it all, temple market place is exhibited by many points of interest for customers others being Kiwanis park, a wonderful park with a number of recreation centers such as tennis, indoor wave pool having water slide, volleyball, baseball, racquetball and softball batting cages. Hiking is also an activity that is not left out in this city as “A mountain” located just behind the temple Mission Palm hotel provides a desirable area for a short and less tedious hike ups. In case of shopping, Arizona Mills Malls provides it all with 175 stores, IMAX theatre, Harkins Luxury 24 Cinemas and Game works for kids thus making it a load busy place at all times of the year. For a matter of stage productions, music and dance, TempleCentre for the Arts takes it away with a nationally acclaimed events known as Tempe Festival of the Arts normally happening in the downtown part of this place. This has consistently been one of the biggest art and entertainment festival happening in Southwest known to attract about half a million people towards this award-winning festival every year where more than 50 ethnic and traditional food booths are available accompanied by continuous live entertainment that include jazz, classic rock, blues, Celtic music and big band.

Other recreation facilities include boat riding (one can take a Segway tour or even rent a boat or kayak), fishing, attending concerts and a number of special events in TempleBeachPark and TempleTownLake. Golf playing at Ken McDonald Golf Course, Rolling Hill Golf Course and a par 72 municipal course is also a rampant activity in the temple market place. In matters of education it is not only the university part that has all to offer but the market place has for itself temple public library where there exist ongoing groups for discussion on relevant books, workshops in a variety of topics such as politics, genealogy, business among others. There also exist internet classes and computers for clients who intend to use.

TempleMarket Place is also rich in offering an assortment of casual-themes kind of restaurants and upscale. This include Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que, California Pizza Kitchen, kabuki Japanese Restaurant, Maria Maria and Keg Steakhouse and Bar. These restaurants manage to serve the whole lot of people who come for visit and to spend leisure time within the temple market place.

In conclusion, this article provides an in-depth dissection and analysis of temple market place in Arizona. As one can notice, this is a city rich in cultures, economic activities, history and ways of recreation. It is because of this fact that is would remain one of the most notable places in Arizona and the world in general.


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