Free «The last Tuna Nigiri on Earth» Essay Sample

The world has been stuck into economic imperialism and earth has become worst. Economic supremacy does not allow humans to care the creatures on the earth and in the sea. Tuna is one of the precious fish in the sea who create breeding material and sea food for other living animals in the sea. Therefore, end of tuna will eventually end the sea food and fishery. The end of tuna is an alarming situation for human beings as water shortage, food shortage crisis are already alarming. The concrete measures can only save the sea food, sea food business and the splendid creature.

The oil spill in the sea and other industrial waste is making the earth environment worst and destroying the living organism in the sea. As we are growing our economy, our life style and the civilization, we must care about our surrounding which actually has great input to the environment.

It is the time to take action about the evading tuna nigiri in the sea. Otherwise, the end of tuna will sooner or later end the sea creatures and it will be the chaos situation as we are already facing for food and water. Therefore, this is the time to think, act and save the tuna to have it in your future meals and to have the sea full of food.

Killing one human being is equal to the murder of entire humanity. A cover story of komo news about the murder of Oregon women tells the inhuman activities in the society. Gary Ridgway the killer admitted several murders but constantly denying the Angela Girdner's murder. The investigation agencies and the affected party curiously following the killer to give this inhuman a worst punishment.

That vicious story has many brutal as well as pathetic sentiments in it. The murder story has much suspiciousness and twisted at many stages. The ruthless nature of killer cannot allow you to believe him as he confessed of his many murders. However, his constant denial from the murder of Oregon women created suspense and twisted the story.

The pathetic sentiments come when the Girdners found the bones of their daughter but not the killer. It is a worst and dismal situation for the family who loosed their loved one and still in search of the killer. In fact, it hurts the family more than the murder because there is nothing to satisfy and nothing to put a healing breeze onto the frightening fire in their hearts.

Clash of emerging and deterring economic powers is creating chaos situation for the world. The recession period in the U.S has already affected the economy and living standard of the citizens. Hereinafter, another considerable economic affair is China’s treasury bond holdings. U.S intelligence agencies and economic experts overseeing the china’s policy turn. If China chose to sell its $900 billion of U.S. Treasury bond holdings, it will eventually create more pathetic situation for business and consumers. The U.S government is eagerly working on the upcoming threats to safeguard its wounded economy.

China is emerging superpower on the map of the world. Its resourcefulness and economic solidness is now threatening the deterring superpower (United States of America). After a long recession period, U.S now is able to sustain its business and deteriorating economy. At the same time, China is coming to influence another dent on the already dented U.S economy.

Now it is the time to frame policies to counter defend the threats from outside. In this regard, some of the policy makers suggest that China wants to influence the U.S policies without mobilizing any force. However, if takes the initiatives it would be worst panic situation for U.S.

"In doing that, what options does the Federal Reserve have; what options does the Treasury have?" said Markowski, a China expert. "If China were to be a large, large seller, then they would have to do something more significant."

Communication with the communities should be moral. Advertisement is a large source of communication with the community which drives the customers. An attractive ad cannot be prepared without considering the moral values at large. Smutty ads can attract a certain audience but do not cater the entire community.

Spirit airline is also busy since a long time to attract its audience with smutty ads. The ads do not have any thing other than seductiveness which can be attractive for a certain audience. It is fact that smutty ads are giving better profits to the airline but at the same time creating bad taste to very large extent.

Some of the vulnerable ads by Spirit airline are "Many islands, low fares (MILF)." and "Check Out the Oil on Our Beaches." Both ads have dual meaning and completely out of the cod of conduct. However, in response the spirit airline explains its version by saying that the audience has dirty minds, therefore, they misunderstood the ads.

"It is unfortunate that some have misunderstood our intention with today's beach promotion. We are merely addressing the false perception that we have oil on our beaches, and we are encouraging customers to support Florida and our other beach destinations by continuing to travel to these vacation hot spots."

However, the seductive salutation in the ads should be dealt according to the code of conduct. It is better for the societal morality, therefore, better profits should put aside for better morality in the society.


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