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The research topic is time management. Time management has to do with anything that has the ability to enhance the productivity of an individual (Ward 2011). Personally time management is defined as the ability for an individual to carry out the tasks he or she needs to and have sufficient time to do things he feels like doing (Ward 2011). Time management is very serious issues for most people especially for students. The ability of students to manage time successfully is very vital to their academic success.

There are several things that stop effective time management. These are known as time bandits. Time bandits are anything or activity which stop a person form managing time effectively (Tatum 2011). There are several time bandits. These are things like telephone, internet, shopping, laundry and most especially television. Procrastination is also another thief of time. People often think that they have so much time to complete important tasks. They being to procrastinate and end up leaving tasks to the very last minute. The problem of prioritising is also a thief of time. It gets hard for people to put important tasks before the trivial ones (Davidson 2002).

This research will be carried out at The University of Bolton. This organisation is the writer’s university. This is the main reason why this research will be carried out at this organisation. The University of Bolton is made up of a population of thousands of people. The majority of this population is students. The writer is also a student and for this reason this is a very important organisation to the writer. Students at the university also struggle with the issues of time management.

The writer chose to go this research on time management because it seems to be an issue for students especially at the university level. The writer also struggles with time management issues. The writer will compile a questionnaire which will be given to student at the university. The writer will use this questionnaire to find out how students view time management. The writer will also be interviewing students to determine how well they manage their time. The writer will also want to find out if there is a certain reason why time management is such an issue. The writer also chose this topic because understanding the time management of student can help in the improvement of time management skills. It also seems as though students tend to overlook time management. They often put the less important task above the more important ones.

There are a number of objectives which the writer hopes to achieve through this research. These objectives are:

  • To discover the time management issues of students.
  • To know why time management is so hard to achieve.


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