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Retail business is quite important to my soul and it is my pleasure to develop and establish career in this field. However, the decision to follow my dream calls for moving out of my hometown. The decision of whether to move or not to move for sake of my dream career has been pondering my mind for a long period of time. But after a long soul searching and careful evaluation of all the factors, I have made a decision to move and pursue my education and career in retail business. I have a dream of pursuing a career in retail this is the main reason why I have to move.

The doctorate of nursing practice is one of the best opportunities I have always cherish and longed for in my life not only to obtain the certification but also to make a considerable positive impact in the society through business. My enthusiasm and desire to improve my business skills has been a sharp chisel that shapes my focus and ambition. My dream to improve my skills in retail business lies strongly in the opportunity to take a bold step and move for the sake of my retail business career.

I have gained a considerable experience marketing and supply. During my stay in university I actively participated in the retail marketing which actually gave me a one on one experience to build on this great career. I developed a great enthusiasm and love for retail business. I strongly dedicate all my efforts, knowledge and strength in ensuring that I pursue retail business. This great course will equip me with the relevant knowledge and skills to face the challenges in business world.

All these life experiences have made me the kind of person I am today and face life challenges I face. Through determination, endless strife, positive mind set and wider view of our daily undertakings have all shaped my character. I cherish team work and corporation. I hope to pursue this great career; I believe these characteristics will go along side my desired profession and success in the whole under takings.

It is a hard decision that I am moving out of my home country and my dear home, leaving my dear parents and relative. However, it is a justified move since my education coupled with sheer ambition drives towards this course. It is therefore my pleasure to put it clear that I am moving out to peruse my dream career. Retail business is quite demanding and calls for dedication which I am ready to pursue. I strongly know and feel how nostalgic it is to leave home but it is important for me and my life.


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