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Africa is one of the continents that have the greatest potential for trade in the world. This is the reason that makes countries like China and India continue to invest widely in the continent. Regional cooperation's in Africa have tried to initiate trade in the continent within the different countries. This has brought forth regional trade blocks like ECOWAS, SADC and EACC among other trading communities and blocks (Eric, 1970).

Statement of the problemAfrica has a huge capacity for trade within and without her community.However; the huge trade potential is under -utilised.What are the reasons or factors that undermine trade in Africa (Sahn, Paul & Stephen, 1997).The goal of this study is to understand the factors that undermine trade in Africa (Rodney, 1982).

Significance of the studyThe study is remarkably significant because it is going to bring to light the factors that continue to undermine trade in Africa(Kayizzi,1999).When these problems are exposed, the researcher believes that solutions to them will be found. The continent of Africa will be helped and the entire world at large (Kayizzi, 1999).Research questionsWhat factors make trade in Africa difficult?What factors undermine trading in Africa?Literature reviewThe study will examine some of the literature that has been written on trading in Africa. The study will examine what prominent scholars say about trade in Africa communities (Moshomba, 2000).Definition of termsThe study will define the terms trade and African community.

The researcher will go about study using the tested method of population sampling. It will begin with a definition of the African community population. This is going to be inferential research. This is to mean that it is going to use a sample of the population to represent the whole population (Fage, 2001).The assumptions that the study will make are that the sample that is going to be chosen is going to represent the whole population.The findings will be based on what will be gathered from the field through the questions distributed to various respondents and the results of the samples. Then the study will conclude.


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