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The analysis provided below belongs to Televisa Company, where I have worked before. Televisa Company is a media and entertainment firm, which broadcasts the Company’s programs as well as programs that have been produced by other media channels. Televisa has a high technology of transmitting programs through their strong cable systems and direct-to-home (DTH) satellite services. Televisa is one of the largest media firms in Spain broadcasting channels in Mexico and associate stations. Televisa also exports several programs globally in addition to producing global feeds across Latin America, USA, Canada, and Europe along with Asia Pacific.

A SWOT analysis of Televisa Company

The SWOT analysis discussed below gives an insight of the present situation of Televisa Company in the market. A SWOT analysis comprises of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats the company is facing.


The Strengths of Televisa Company comprise of the innovative culture in the production of their programs. This makes their programs distinct from the other media companies. Televisa Company is a regionally diverse business, with several branches all over the world. This helps market its products and promote international unity. Televisa broadcasts programs from different cultures like Mexico, Philippines, India, and Brazil among others. This makes the world a global village since one is able to understand the lifestyle of other communities and respect their culture. Televisa Company has a strong management team that ensures the effectiveness of the company (Fernandez, 2011). This ranges from the Chief Executive Officer (Emilio Azcarraga Jean), the Executive Vice President (Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega) among others who follow down the rank. The management team heads various departments and work hard towards the success of the company. Televisa Company has an extremely advanced technology, which effects to fine broadcasts of programs globally.


Televisa Company does not lack its faults as any other Company in the world. For instance, the company has severally suffered charges of defamation as well as political bias. These are due to the company’s extended political interest globally. This led to an allegation of broadcasting misleading information about individuals and organizations. This situation resulted to inconsistencies among different people. The charges include the founder of the Televisa Company, Emilio Azcarraga Milmo, who has a strong affiliation to the renowned political party in Mexico, Partido Revolucionario Institucional (P.R.I). Despite the strong association of Televisa Company with P.R.I, Emilio’s son, negated from the norm when he took over the presidency of the Company. Emilio’s son also became the head of networks and settled for the option of ending all the political ties of Televisa Company with the P.R.I party among other parties. This led to a dispute, which lasted for a long period of time and affected the performance of Televisa Company. Televisa also failed to buy the Nextel Mexico Operations holdings though they have already gone public about buying it. This was due to the high cost and policies outlined by NII holdings (Crayton, 2010). Televisa later decided to end the purchase agreement with NII holdings though the federal competition commission had given them permission to only purchase twenty percent of the NII stock.


Televisa Company has opportunities like the emerging markets from different parts of the world. For instance, the incorporation of Telemundo programming services on its channels, which has become a huge success. This has made Televisa and Telemundo strong business partners and aided in the expansion of both companies market. Televisa also deals with online marketing of their services. This enables the firm to market their new technology to their viewers as well as give offers. For instance, viewers can log in to the Televisa website and give their views about the services accessible from the company and give their views.


The Televisa Company faces a lot of threats from the business world. This includes a stiff competition in the national and international market. There are several media and entertainment companies, which offer even better services than Televisa. Therefore, Televisa must upgrade their services to the consumers to avoid being defeated.

Environmental Variables influencing the customer’s decision making

One of the key services offered by Televisa Company is broadcasting.  Financial factor is an example of an environmental factor that affects the potential client’s decision making. This is if the price of the broadcasting services is too expensive. However, Televisa practices a conservative approach, which is also practiced by other companies (Wood, 2005) .The governance code, is known as Codigo de Mejores Practicas Corporativas. This financial corporate code ensures the broadcasting services of Televisa Company are equally offered and that they protect the interest of all the shareholders. The financial code also ensures the public is informed about the administration and the risks affecting the company.

The broadcasting services are also influenced by the social factors, as an environmental factor. For instance, Televisa crew was blocked by angry protesters from the live coverage of the recently ended Olympics. The social allegation to this blockage was due to the biased coverage of a presidential election. Televisa Company was accused by the public for maneuvering the public judgment. This is by accepting money for a comprehensive coverage of Mexico’s president-elect, Enrique Pena Nieto while ignoring the other candidates. The social relationship between the Olympics and Mexico’s presidential election broadcasting therefore affected the client’s needs. This is because the protestors used the Olympics as an opportunity to denounce Televisa and inform the world that Mexico’s election was corrupt. The other environmental factor affecting the broadcasting in Televisa Company is the political factors. Televisa is too much political affiliated, which would discourage clients who do not fancy politics.

Physiological variables influencing the customer’s decision

Physiological factors usually affect an individual and tend to affect the choice the consumers between Televisa and other media companies. For instance, speech fluency among the broadcasting personnel influence the potential client’s both positively and negatively. If a business corporation needs a business advert done properly, Televisa Company must provide the best marketing and advertising personnel so as to appease their client (Williams, 2001).This ensures the client regard the company as the best in the market.

Another physiological factor is the gender factor. Sometimes, men are mostly given the hard tasks while women are considered. This is due to the feeble character associated with the women folk. For instance, if a woman broadcasts often, the public is likely to like her more than a man.    More so, the sport news is mostly linked to men and a lady would seem awkward giving such news. Televisa has to choose wisely the gender roles and topics so as to sustain their best reputation in the market. Physiological factors also deal with the democratization of a free press that rules the market. For instance, Televisa’s main rival is TV Azteca. Televisa ensures that it maintains a stiff competition in advertizing that Azteca cannot reach. This keeps the market saturated with the best media services with each of them struggling to offer their consumers with paramount services.  

How Consumer Behavior has Influenced the Adaptation of Televisa’s Marketing Mix in Relation to Broadcasting

The main objective of Televisa Company is to offer the best services to the consumers. Therefore, the consumer behavior matters a lot in the Company’s top priority. For instance, Televisa has discovered that an augmented diversity in the workforce makes the consumers more satisfied with their services (Sutter, 2005). Diversity in the workforce comprises of incorporating more people in diverse departments in the company. It also involves the process of recruiting people from all races and colors. This shows that the company is not biased and offers equal opportunity to all people in the world. This has made Televisa Company to accept employees from any country apart from Latin America.

The direct involvement of citizens with Televisa personnel is also another consumer-based influence on the company. The consumers advocate for accessible online services from the company. For instance, the company offers online advertizing to consumers from distant states. The payments are also done electronically to ensure accountability of the consumer’s money. Since Televisa is a global organization, several businesses associate with its advertizing agencies for the success of their products.

The marketing Objectives that Televisa needs to achieve in order to prosper in its new regional market include being a market leader within a span of five years (Stone, 2001). This includes engaging in hard work that will ensure the ultimate goal of the company is reached. Televisa Company also ensures that the rate of their market growth reaches five percent in the core markets. This is by providing adequate information to the share holders so as to fully participate in the growth of the company. Among other marketing objectives of Televisa, the growth of the market share is extremely imperative. This is due to the necessity to disseminate the market along with the stock exchange market for the buying and selling of shares.  Televisa also aims at becoming the best broadcasting station in the industry even as they expand foreign markets. The level of competition is very high among other media companies. This leads to Televisa Company improving their services in the foreign markets. For instance, the company may sometimes offer free services to their consumers to encourage and retain them. The foreign markets by the company are intended to create a large scale business that connects the world.

The theories of globalization that Televisa follows include development theory. This theory settles on the fact that several countries still need to be developed. This theory is greatly applied by Televisa Company since it has expanded its business ties globally. Televisa also gets support from funding institutions like the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. This enforces their business ideas and aids in the investing tasks that they carry out regularly. The development theory has also enabled Televisa Company to maintain the required responsibility as a company (Robertson, 2002). This includes being answerable and accountable to the society by honoring their views. For instance, the recent scandal linked to corruption from the recent presidential elections in Mexico. The corporation had to counter to the public why they were entangled the demeaning acts. This makes the company give its best to the society to avoid criticism. The development theory also emphasizes on the cultural progress and well as equity of all the workers and public. This answers why Televisa promotes local programs and cultures. They also ensure to campaign for the constitutional rights of the deprived in the world by covering news from that society. This helps expose the abilities people have along with the disputes they face in existence.

Neoliberal concept is also an example of globalization theory that is applied by Televisa Company. This theory advocates for open trade amid Televisa and other companies. This includes the partnership Televisa has with Telemundo among other media companies. The broadcasting of some programs from other channels indicates that Televisa honors advocates for the progress of the emerging media firms. This makes Televisa Company dominant in the market as well as discourages the individualism notion. Individualism holds that an individual or a company is self-centered. Working together with other media companies and borrowing some of their ideas helps improve the performance of Televisa Company.

The behavioral trends that affect Televisa Company in the new market include impulse buying and hiring of services from the consumers (Noel, 2009). This is characterized by the fact that the Company is new in the area and that the consumers are anxious about it. This will make the sales of the company rise and realize great profits. This result from immense advertising services as well as several local programs that will be aired from the new Televisa channel initiated from the area. Routine response is also another consumer behavior in the new market. This involves the purchasing of the cheap services and low involvement in the services offered by Televisa. Contrary to the impulse buying, routine response is due to the fact that the company is new in the region. Hence, limited people may be interested in the services offered by the new company. Some people and organizations also value taking their advertisement and marketing services to the well known broadcasting stations. Televisa Company is likely to realize less sales and profits in such a case. The new Televisa market may also experience increased online services as a consumer behavior. This is due to the advanced technology that also allows the users to apply for jobs online. This necessitates the Televisa Company to employ more technology based personnel as well as invest more on an improved technology. This will ensure that the Company gets the immediate feedback from their clients.

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The macro environmental factors that affect the consumer buying behavior in the new geographical area of Televisa Company is the global recession. The Company’s performance was affected in the purchases they made as well as the services rendered by both retailers and wholesalers. The general tough economic conditions also affect the supply and demand of goods and services in the business world. The intensity of competitive behavior with other media companies in the new geographical area is also affected.

The political factors are also macro economic factors that affect the new market of Televisa Company. For Televisa Company to set up the new business in the foreign market, they have to comply with the political policies of that country (Evans, 2003).For instance they have to follow all the legislation guidelines the foreign government requires from them. The industrial laws that govern and protect consumers and the workers also incorporate the policies Televisa Company has to follow. Therefore, Televisa Company is expected to comply with these policies or use political influence. The legal and regulatory process also affects the foreign market in several ways. These laws include Trade Acts as well as Privacy Acts, which result to harsh penalties if broken.

The international human resource management affects Televisa’s international functioning through providing a global payroll that ensures workers can access their salaries worldwide. The international human resource management also focuses on extensive research and recruiting of competent employees in the Televisa Company. This is to upgrade the services offered by the Company as well as maintain the Televisa fame worldwide. The international human resource also deals nurturing the employees’ talents and abilities. Thus, Televisa Company is able to get favorable returns on the investment made to these workers.

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International marketing also affects the general internal management of Televisa Company by requiring the company to practice a more complex role in the production of their services. This is because the world has become a dynamic one in the field of business. This is guaranteed by the fact that there are several other businesses that resemble the Televisa Company. Unless Televisa becomes unique in the services to their consumers, their marketing standards become wasted and ranked as of low quality. The international marketing requires the Televisa Company to go deeper into advanced studies and research so as to maintain the pace of the competitors.

International logistics also affect the international management of Televisa Company through the process of distribution of the Televisa services from the headquarters to the foreign market. This may involves an integrated administrative process and paper work that needs to be followed to the letter. These processes result to a considerable economic effect on the Televisa Company. For instance, the paper work may cost them a fortune but needs to be done for the Company to get access to the foreign market. In conclusion, Televisa Company is a successful firm in the media and entertainment world. The various business antics must be followed to keep the company at the top position. 


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