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United Arab Emirates is one of the developing countries. It’s the host of Dubai city; one of the best known business city of more than 3 million people. Dubai city has well developed infrastructure which plays a key role allowing investment interest and demand. With reference to Hotel industry Dubai bears one of the best hotels with modern and artistic infrastructure. Due to this advantage, consideration should be made to invest to in Dubai. The hospitality nature of the people within Dubai city and UAE at large also plays a critical role in investment. The people are ready to accept the new town comers and offer their hospitality guide. This individual offer from the people plays as an advantage for investing in Dubai.

Education system in UAE has played a key role in shaping the Labor force. As an HR manager, it depicts that the organization will invest less of its financial capital to recruit staff since the population is composed of qualified staff to work in the Hotel. UAE also has other appealing industries like the automobile market that also acts as a critical in boosting the hotel industry.

As an HR manager Dubai is a business city that has favorable environment for growth and expansion of the hotel industry thus, an investment undertaking in this city can be considered as a worthy investment.

One of the countries in the Gulf Region that values their Medical and Health care system are United Arab Emirates. The UAE’s medical and health care system mostly faces population and financial pressures, accountability, access, quality, related cost, and integration of communication and information. To an HR perspective, the privatization of government hospitals to foreign investors specialized in United Arab Emirates can play an essential role in beefing up the above diminishing factors. This sounds possible because, the management of health data and information will become a critical factor in the success of effective delivery of the health care. As a Human Resource Management professional, the health system of UAE hinders the establishment of a Hospitality Industry. Dubai city is a tourism city thus; poor health system can lead to deterioration of the hospitality industry since both international and domestic tourist will not be sure of their Health profile.

An analysis of the safety and security issues in UAE plays a critical role in the establishment of the investment strategy to be deployed. In a HR view, it is evident that there is little physical security risk to both citizens and Non-citizens. Dubai city is well secured due to the presence of well-trained and equipped police and other security forces. As how an executive manager can attribute, Dubai city bears the best hospitality industrial city. In an investor point of view, less security cost becomes and added advantage.

Strategic management acts as a pivotal tool that helps determine the differences between United States and United Arab Emirates. In the United States, the Health Care system is properly organized, and efficient hence paves the way for growth of the hospitality industry (Hotel). Dubai is also a potential city since the privatization of the Health Care system will lead to the advancement of the system hence giving room Hotel investment. Both the United States and UAE’s Dubai city have one of the best security and safety systems that allow business growth and expansion. Basing on the safety and health issue of Dubai City, the organization seeks to invest in the country, but has to improve the Health problems of the city by helping the government in implementation of better health policies. The organization will come in by funding the government and provision of health policy professional.


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