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Unlike other private organization, Wal-Mart challenged unions in their efforts to ask works to leave their jobs. United Food and Commercial Workers unions tried to ask works to leave Wal-Mart but in vain. The employees resisted to accept the offer and continued to provide services. Wal-Mart has progressed in business with an increase of sales volume and retaining all the employees. Only one employee left the job after the attempt by union. The progress with Wal-Mart is marked by the health and safe environment it provides to the employees and provision of favorable services and good to customers. The organization expands yearly and increases income level. Currently, Wal-Mart has many stores in America which accommodates a large number of employees. The growth of Wal-Mart has caused an outstanding threat to other companies providing the same products. Wal-Mart has grown over the years despite the challenges from competitive market and unions.


Commercial Workers union had a goal of creating problem to Wal-Mart workers and not organizing. The union failed in the plan which it intended to accomplish. The sales volume increased in one Friday and Wal-Mart sold 1.8 million towels, 1.3 million dolls, 1.3 million televisions and 250, 000 bicycles. The CEO, Bill Simon said that in the whole world only less than fifty associates participated in the union protest.

The union made over 18,500 workers to lose their jobs. Most of the workers from Tobacco and Grain Mills organizations joined the union and eventually lost their jobs. Hostess workers left their jobs due to the union companies. They thought that the union worked in their favor but it intended to make sure that the private sector collapses. One of the reasons why the Wal-Mart won is the ability of the employees to the think. The CEO said that Wal-Mart’s employees are not fools and they could not want to spend the holiday jobless like the Hostess employees.

Economically, Wal-Mart serves an important role in America. It provides jobs to many citizens across the world and this increases the government income through taxation. It also pays taxes after sales which add government revenues. Wal-Mart provides good and services to remote places which did not have access to such services and good in the past. It provides good at lower prices which ensures that people in different social class can manage to buy the products. Wal-Mart has contributed to the shooting of American economy over the last thirty years. In 1980, the unions had about 20% of American workers, but today the number has reduced to 7%. Most of the workers in thriving companies do not like to join the unions. They see the unions as bad to the economy and personal growth (Newton 34). Wal-Mart proved a health relationship between the workers and customers and this has ensured the growth and maintenance of the employees. Wal-Mart has won the campaign posed by unions because of professional and tactics application in business. It works professionals with a focus of business growth. The organization works in respect of business ethics, and this has made the employees to enjoy working with the company. CEO and other managers respect employees from each department giving them freedom to express their feelings and thoughts on products improvement and sales.

Wal-Mart has inserted pressure to grocery rivals and other neighboring markets. Establishment of a grocery store in Colorado Springs made the neighboring companies providing the same product to face difficulties in market penetration. For a period of 10 to 12 years, the store had emerged number one in sales in spring’s area outweighing other companies which provided the same product. The company has established one Neighborhood Market stores and constructs another one while other two are in drawing board. The establishment of those Neighborhood markets stores has made the competitors to lose the sales in the market. The availability of products at lower prices has made all the people in the region to buy from Wal-Mart stores other than other companies. Wal-Mart’s progress can lead to closure of the old company’s stores or change of location (Laden, p 6).

Wal-Mart works with an objective of providing products to a large and wide market. It does not play around but has an objective of capturing dollars. Goliath concept has made Wal-Mart to capture more dollars in the spring’s region. It works with respect of change in the market. The establishment of the stores made Safeway and Kingsoopers to close down their stores. Many of the stores and companies providing services in the region left to find new market, and provide services in a place with less competition. Wal-Mart has opened Neighborhood Market stores which is the largest store in spring’s region. It intends to open new stores in 2013. The ability to open new stores shows the potential in market growth and progress with Wal-Mart (Newton 23). 

Over the years, Wal-Mart has been growing and outweighing market competitors. The managers and directors plans for market operation before the establishment of new venture. They plan ahead and seek for customers. The establishment of huge stores makes more customers to shop from the store because of enough space. Wal-Mart has passed through all business growth stages, and this shows that it does not work magic but grows due to application of marketing strategies (Laden, p 4).


Over the years Wal-Mart has fought successfully against the challenges from unions and other competitors. It has been able retain employees despite the unions campaign.  Wal-Mart provides products at low prices which attracts more customers. It also provides a health and safe working environment which enables works to remain focused in meeting their goals rather than leaving their jobs. Wal-Mart works in respect of business ethics and this has made it to progress in the business sector.


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