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Executive Summary

Marlean Fries is a fast food outlet that is locally owned, and one that will be positioned internationally as a franchise. We will provide quality food packaged in attractive and hygienic packs and at value pricing. The market has an increase in demand for fast food that customers   eat as they shop. Marlean Fries have the capacity and we intend to supply to the market their demands.

The business environment is highly competitive and unsophisticated today where one fast food outlet is similar to others with no innovativeness (Worthington & Britton, 2006). At Marlean Fries we intend to break the norm and provide quality and out of the norm delicious sauce dip that will be out signature.

To test the market, we will position priorities of our business in a crowded mall that is most preferably the most prominent. For starters, the shareholder’s capital will be used to start and expand to other two outlets within the next two years.

General Company Description

What is Marlea Fries

Marlean  Fries is a business that is aimed at selling fresh fries that come with an array of sauces to choose from. The fries we are to make use the Belgian concept, where the fries will be made from fresh potatoes and they will be fried twice to enhance the taste and crispiness. The company will have a timely and friendly customer service that has the ambience of  efficacy.

Marlean Fries seeks not only to imitate successful fast foods companies but with extra proper research and technology go an extra mile in enhancing the quality of fries, customer service and business management. The outlet will be decorated brightly with the settings of a fast food. There will be a display of house brochures that will be offered to our customers. There will be also a menu that will be displayed on the wall in addition to the table menus.

It will be committed for providing only the best quality and will be opened everyday from ten o’clock in the morning to ten o’clock in the evening. The outlet also seeks to sell soda as an addition or alternative to the varieties of sauces which could be pre packaged.


Establish a successful fast food within the local presence, and get a share of the country’s ever growing fast food industries.

To make Marlean Fries a desired spot for those shopping in the mall and its surroundings.

To expand over the next four years the number of outlets and seek to enter into franchise arrangement within our neighboring states.


The Marlean Fries aims to be among the most successful food outlets within every region where the outlet is positioned, starting with a single outlet  retailer to be located within a mall, that will be used to test the market. The company will work towards being a brand in the fast food industry within its locality.

Strategy to Succeed

We will create a unique menu that will set us apart from our competitors.

We will minimize costs within all areas of production and maintain a growth approach that is conservative.

We will provide our customers with high quality foods to keep our customer base satisfied and increase it.

We will maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and will try to outdo our competitors.

We will incorporate the important values of branding and image projection that are essential in the fast food business.

We will acquire a mall that has high traffic and one that is located near the targeted market.

We will instille a company culture and philosophy, that is inclusive and with good values.


Marlean Fries is a privately owned company and is to be registered as a limited company.  Twenty five percent of the shares will be owned by Garner Chilies, other twenty five percent will be held by Cory Peppered, more twenty five percent will be owned by Gill sauce while the last twenty five percent will be held by Matt Potat.

Garner Chilies and Cory Peppered are corporate staff employed in food company X with eight years of experience each. Gill sauce is a holder of masters in business administration and owns a private consultancy and a myriad of businesses. Matt Potat, on the other hand, is currently serving as a manager for a multinational company Y. He also has a degree in management and another one in information technology. 

Products and Services

Marlean Fries solely focuses on selling Fries and soda. Drinks that are alcoholic are not to be served in the outlet. This will enhance orderliness and compatibility with our market target that is the young population.

The company will do promotions by offering different types of merchandise that has the company logo and colors, such as the sauces, hats and t-shirts.

We will primarily sell fries but with time could expand to products that are within the same range with Bhajias and crisps. Soda will also be sold to complement the Marlean Fries.

The fries will be available in large and small portions. The large portion comes with two sauce dips of the customer’s choice while the small has one dip. To have an addition of Garlic Marlean, to the small dip will require an extra twenty five cents.

The fries can also be served with sandwiches that come in different flavors such as black pepper sauce, jalapeno ketchup, pesto mayo and barbecue among others.

Marketing Plan

Comparison With Competitors

We will have a cutting edge over our competitors due to the following factors:

The dipping sauce is unique.

The sauce is without preservatives and freshly made.

Friendly staff will offer the best services with the ambience of youthfulness.

Our potatoes unlike those of our competitors that are frozen will be fresh.

Our attractive packaging will also gain us mileage.

We will use advertisement and other innovative sales programs to sell ourselves to the market:

1,500 colored brochures will be distributing the around shopping mall and its vicinities during the opening.

Advertisement in the local newspaper.


The fresh potatoes will be delivered directly from a distributor within the state for making Marlean Fries. The sauces are to be manufactured by Company D that has agreed to manufacture them daily and deliver packaged in packs with our logo, color and name.

Sales Program

Grand opening.

All Marlean Fries points of purchase will have a close semblance of the marketing strategy. All the outlets must have a custom made signage and during the grand opening, supported with banners.

Point of purchase.

Tray tops will be used to convey the philosophy of Marlean Fries. In the same spirit, we will offer gifts and make announcements of future opportunities for jobs.

Direct mail.

Single stands will support a colorful heavy weight paper that will contain all the details of our menu and locator map.

Future Products

Currently the main product we aim to sell is fries, sandwiches and the sauce. In future we have plans to offer more products and offer the brand as a franchise within the state.


Primarily combos will compose of Marlean Fries, sandwiches and soda which will be sold as a combination and at a high price than when the items are sold individually.

Private Catering

The brochures will include the fact that we will cater the fries to private parties and banquets.

Operational Plan

We are strategizing on quality service to our market. The first outlet being the one to test the market, will be used to model the other outlets we plan to expand on. We plan to establish a strong local presence and identity. Local media and marketing programs within the locality of the outlets will be the main means of the advertisement.

This type of advertisement will increase with a growth in the market base ad when we seek to expand. Most importantly we will depend on the word of a mouth from a satisfied customer.


Our strategy in pricing is generic, where averagely four dollars is the average spending on a snack. With the sauce, quality and quantity fries, we seek to sell more.


With our color and logo being distinctly fresh fries and with the youthful elements, we seek to cut a niche for our brand. We will also use product names that are enticing and easy to recall.

Management and Organization

The current Marlean Fries Company has the four founders as the management. The reason being that the company is small and therefore only needs a simple structure. Major decisions will be made by consensus among the four partners, and the monitoring of the other activities.

Personal Financial Statement

The company is owned by the four founders equally, each will make a capital contribution of 200,000 dollars that equates the shares also. This amount is higher than the initial start up requirements but it will be used until break and the planned expansion.

Start up Funding

Start up expense to fund 68,800
Start up assets to fund 50,000
Total required funding 118,800
Non-pecuniary assets for start up 30,000
Cash requirements for start up 50,000
Additional Cash Raised 681,200
Cash Balance on Starting Date 731,200
Total Assets 761,200
Liabilities and Capital  
Current Borrowing 0
Long-term Liabilities 0
Accounts Payable (Outstanding Bills) 0
Other Current Liabilities (interest-free) 0
Total Liabilities 0
Planned Investment  
Garner Chilies 200,000
Cory Peppered 200,000
Gill sauce 200,000
Mattt Potat 200,000
Additional Investment Requirement 0
Total Planned Investment 800,000
Loss at Start-up (Start-up Expenses) 68,800
Total Capital 731,200
Total Capital and Liabilities 731,200
Total Funding 800,000

Startup Expenses and Capitalization

The market tester retail outlet will be located in a target mall, preferentially we have chosen the mezzanine floor space B, due to the high traffic.

The owners will finance the start up expenses using their own resources.

Startup Requirements (Currency is in US Dollars)


Rent                                                                     15,000                 

Furniture and décor                                      16,500

Kitchen and its fixtures                21,600

Legal                                                                    3,000

Packaging material and stationary           8,500

Contingencies                                                  4,200

Total expenses                                                68,800


Finances required                                                          50,000

Long-term assets                                                           0            

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Current assets                                                                 0

Total assets                                                                      50,000

Total Requirements                                                      118,800

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Refining the Plan

The Marlean Fries Company’s logo, colors and enthusiastic staff will help build an attractive company image that will help even in future expansions with a proactive approach towards marketing and with a large market for fast foods; the capital will grow very fast with a quick return of investment money.



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