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Fuel can be defined as any material burned or altered to obtain energy which is normally used to heat or to move objects. Fuels do release energy which is either through a chemical reaction means, such as combustion, or through nuclear means which are nuclear fission and nuclear fusion. The important fact with fuel is that, the energy can be stored to be released only when required. According to George A, (2006), the releasing of energy is harnessed in such a way that it can produce work. This harnessed energy includes Petrol and oil among others.

Due to the demand of fuel from all carbon-based life forms from microorganisms, animals and humans, there have emerged the discoveries of different sources of fuels which are not harmful to the environment as well as affordable to man. This fuel sources include: wind power, biofuels and solar which some are engaged in enzyme mediation called metabolism which converts energy from light or food into a form that can sustain life.


Biofuel is a type solid, liquid or simply gas fuel which is delivered from biomass. This biomass can be used directly for heating or for powering machine. The fuel which is delivered from biofuel substances is as well, known as biomass fuel. Biomass fuel can be produced from any source that can be rapidly replenished.  The main sauce includes the plants which act as the main source of biofuel since many plant-delivered materials are used for its manufacture. Biofuels can be classified onto deferent perspectives. This includes the solid biofuels such as sawdust, grass cuttings and woods .Liquid biofuels such as petrol methane and non food crops such as Bioethanol, biobutanol, biodiesel.

Biofuel have come into use by many companies due to its availability and its friendly fact to the environment. The liquid fuels from plant material are entering the market due to the spiking oil price and the need for increased energy security. Biofuel have been categorized in some generation. These are; the first generation which includes the biofuel made from sugar, vegetable oil, animal’s fat and starch. This has led to the most common generated fuels such as bioalcohol and biodeisel. This have shown the importance of using biofuel as energy source  since they are available to every human being and prevent the pollution of the environment compared to other sources.

Wind as a source of energy

Wind is used to rotate a machine known as wind turbine. This wind turbine machine does convert the kinetic energy of wind into mechanical energy. Hubbert P,(2004). Wind turbine is normally named according to the type of work they do. For instance if the mechanical energy is used directly by machinery, like grinding stones, the machine is usually called windmill. On the other hand, if the mechanical energy is instead converted into electricity, the machine is called wind generator, wind turbine among others. As mentioned earlier, technology has made grow in various environments. This has lead to different types of wind turbines which are from the early age to modern days.

The deferent types of wind turbines are: horizontal axis, HALP subtype and modern wind turbines. This type of turbines has played the main role in providing fossil fuels since they are dependable to nature. The turbines are the modified in such a way that they can collect the maximum amount of wind energy for the time of day and season.

Solar as a source of energy

The use of solar panels is a grate way top generate clean and renewable electricity which can be used to power remote appliances. As mentioned before, the technology impact has lead to emerge of deferent types of solar panels. For instance, there are two main form of solar cells which are; solar hot water panels and solar electricity panels. These two technologies allow in generating of electricity for domestic use and therefore resulted in making the use of photovoltaic power over fossil fuels, much more viable domestic as well as large industries. The use of solar panels to heat water is becoming increasingly popular around the world due to the energy and money saving associated with this method. According to Mikhail L, (2007), the solar energy has been applicable for many years since for a long period, satellites have been using solar panels to catch the sunrays which were used to provide power to the equipment on the board.


The become known and use of fossil fuel have lead to the competitive world of deferent personalities trying to come up with the best turbines for instance in the solar systems and the best type of energy as well the  decrease in cost of the electricity.


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