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Going to the zoo one is spoilt for choice as to which animal they like the best. There are animals of different colors in different sizes and shapes. Some animals eat grass and vegetation while others eat meat only. There are animals in cages and others are left in large open spaces. It is therefore a good way to spend a day since there is so much to see. Animals have different names and this makes it easy to have a fun time learning the names of the animals. There is also the animals that live in the water and this make it fun to see them jumping in the water and playing.

Animals in the zoo come in different sizes and there are some that are fascinating to look at, like the elephants with their long trunks and the zebra with the stripes. The zoo is a fascinating place to go. The zoo keepers are always there ready to answer any questions on the different animals there.

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The zoo is a fascinating place to visit since there are so many things to see and activities to do. There are many animals found in the zoo and they are all fun to watch. The lion is one of the animals found in the zoo. It is a large animal that often lives in the wild but is kept in a large enclosure at the zoo. The male lion has a large but beautiful mane around its head that gives it a distinct look. Lions live in groups and this groups are known as prides.

The lion is a carnivorous animal thus it only feeds on meat. It is a large animal that has a menacing stare which often frightens children. It walks on its four legs and has very strong legs. The lion spends most of its time lying down in the long grass and is often in the company of other lions. A lion in the wild often hunts its prey by chasing it through the plains until it catches it. The lion has large and very strong jaws that assist it to suffocate its prey and tear the meat off the prey. The lion has been known to hunt down large animals like wild pigs besides the usual antelopes and gazelles.

The lion is fun to watch at the zoo because it would not be possible to look at it at such close proximity in the wild. Thus everyone who has a chance should go to the zoo to have a look at the lion. Lions make very loud noise when they roar and their roars can be heard a mile away. They use the roars to alert each other on any danger ahead and to frighten away any animals that would want to invade their territory. A lion takes care of its young and the little cubs stay with their mothers until they are big enough to live and fend for themselves. Lions live in territories often consisting of many females and one male who is often the head of the pride.

The lion is a very strong animal and as such even zoo warders have to be very careful when handling them. They are kept in large open spaces with a lot of growing grass to mimic their natural habitat in the wild. Lions have long strong claws that they use to grab and hold onto their prey when hunting. The claws are often hidden in the palms of the lion and are retractable. The lion is a very important animal in the food chain too.


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