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Level of CO2 is about 290 ppm

Mean global temperature is 13.6 degrees Celsius

First Industrial Revolution. Land clearing and coal speeds greenhouse gas emission


Simple Fourier models predict that earth could be colder without an atmosphere


Discovery of gases that blocks Infrared radiation

Changes in climate brings climate change 

1896 First calculation of global warming are done from human emissions


Second industrial revolution

Fertilizers, public health lead to increase in human growth


WWI: governments learn to mobilize industrial societies


Texas and Persian Gulf oil field are opened inaugurating era of cheap energy

Early 1930s

Global warming trend reported to have increased

Callander argues that CO2 global warming is underway


WWII: struggle to control oil fields

US Office of Naval funds climate research fields


A realistic computer model of the global atmosphere is released

The Soviet Sputnik satellite is launched

It is found that CO2 produced by humans is not easily absorbed by oceans


Telescope studies reveal that greenhouse gases raises temperature of the atmosphere of Venus

An annual rise in the earth’s temperature is detected by Keeling at 315

Mean temperature hitting 13.9 degrees Celsius  


Calculations suggest that feedback with water vapor will make climate slightly sensitive

Sudden shifts in temperature are predicted

The population of people has considerably increased


Aerosols from human activity are shown to be increasing

Counteract global warming to bring serious effects

Ice cores show evidence of big climate changes


Droughts in Africa, India and Ukraine: serious food shortages  


CFCs and Methane are shown to contribute to greenhouse effect 


Ice cores at Greenland reveals radical temperature changes

A strong global warming as 1981 is said to be warmest year


A massive ‘brown cloud’ is spotted in Asia

Increase in pollution increases greenhouse warming

Level of CO2 reaches 385 ppm

Mean global temperature is at 14.5 degrees Celsius (warmest ever).

Global warming kills animals.  Species disappear (polar bear, whales, penguins, frogs, cod, jellyfish and snail among others).

Global warming will wreck all the fun (baseball trees will disappear as well as Christmas trees, ski competition, cool cultural landmarks like ice tops will disappear, French fries, more mosquitoes and more poison ivy).

Global warming will kill the planet (literally). Greenland will melt, less ice at arctic, more sand seas in Africa, oceans will be more acidic, rivers will dry up, African rivers & lakes will disappear, more wild fires, higher sea levels.

Endanger of U.S. assets worth billions of dollars

Global warming will make people sicker. More people will die, warm temperatures will result in increased heat waves, smog will kill people, increased heart diseases, resurgence of deadly diseases, increased malaria incidences in Africa and Russia, starvation, and incidences of more refugees.

Will result to more African deaths

Climate by 2050

If nothing is done and the current trends continue then:

Extreme heat resulting in summer deaths will triple

Rise of sea level waters by 4ft, Ozone layer will be depleted

Higher skin cancer cases

Homes of about 25-40million people will be threatened

It is projected that by 2090; heat waves will have increased by 25% resulting to 5 times deaths in the 1990s, 20% of water scarcity, CO2 will exceed 600ppm and food to be greatly disrupted.


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