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Free «Current Events – Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Energy» Essay Sample

The nuclear era has been continuing for more than six decades. As soon as people have realized that it is possible to use nuclear energy not only for military purposes, but also for the production of vital resources by means of it, every developed country tries to do its best to build at least one nuclear reactor. Commercial nuclear power plants all over the world produce electricity in a much better way than thermal power stations. They are more eco-friendly, generate less waste material and emit less gas.

Nowadays, 31 countries use nuclear power for peaceful purposes by means of 430 reactors. Moreover, they provide almost 14 % of the world’s electricity. France could be an example of the peaceful usage of nuclear power (World nuclear association, 2012). Having the lowest price for electricity in Europe, France is the most dependent on nuclear power country in the world, because more than 75% of its electricity arises from nuclear energy. Moreover, it is one of the world’s biggest exporters of electricity. France has provided an international assistance to help other countries to establish their own civil nuclear programs since 2008 (World Nuclear Association France, 2012).

However, current state of nuclear energy and its peaceful uses are not perfect. Until recently, the Chernobyl disaster was the only accident with nuclear reactor. Nonetheless, the example of Fukushima in 2011 demonstrated the real danger of commercial nuclear reactors. Therefore, the peaceful use of nuclear energy is even a greater threat than the possibility to use nuclear weapons in war. Nuclear weapons can bring more victims and damage. Currently, this phenomenon means mostly the means of deterrence or means of improving the status (El Baradei, 2004). A modern system of security, created by NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and UN (United Nations) prevents the usage of nuclear weapons more than it can prohibit nuclear power plant accidents in the world..

Notwithstanding this statement, living in the world, where there are mass destruction weapons, such as nuclear weapons, is unsafe for humanity. Therefore, international community focuses on creation of nuclear disarmament system, signing the agreements (e.g. Non-Proliferation Treaty) that would force the countries to give up the idea of building-up their nuclear potential. Nevertheless, as long as international relations and more countries than one will exist, the total nuclear disarmament will never occur. The national interests are always a dominating idea of every separate country and the possession of nuclear weapons is an essential part of fulfilling them and supporting the international status (El Baradei, 2004).

To conclude, there is a misapprehension of nuclear energy as the thing that only provides bombs and can wipe whole nations off from the face of the Earth. However, many countries are dependent on nuclear energy and its peaceful purposes that can help nations to survive. Until the authorities of every state focus on the existing global security system and keeping all its rules, the world will be safe.


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