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Effective energy conservation procedures and energy management techniques have been extremely important consideration for every society in the past twenty years. Energy conservation refers to the efforts that these societies make in order to reduce energy consumption. It is imperative to understand that energy conservation can be achieved through increased efficient energy use, in combination with decreased energy consumption and reduced consumption from alternative energy sources.Energy conservation is very important to every one because of the following reasons. Energy conservation will not only save the environment, but also our health. Scientists argue that the more fossils people burn, the more the environment is hit by pollution. Fossil burning produces waste products that go into the environment. Moreover, excessive usage of conventional resource of power contributes to pollution. These waste products are emitted in to the air in the form of gases such as nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide. Sulfur Dioxide reacts with oxygen and water in the clouds to form acid rain that can kill trees and fish or damage statues and limestone buildings (Penner, 2008). On the other hand, nitrogen oxide irritate the lungs; therefore, harmful to people's health. With the surging population as well as forests vanishing into thin air, energy conservation should be our main priority. Therefore, energy conservation is critical to ensure that people enjoy a more healthy existence.

Energy conservation is also important because it allows people to save money that could be used for other important issues. By reducing the amount of energy that we use in our homes or businesses, the costs of supplying power reduce. This means that we will be paying small energy bill at the end of the month. Despite the fact that the U.S. has an oil reserve of about thirty years, consuming too much energy will have an adverse effect on these reserves. Currently, the oil demand has increased, considering that India and China economies are developing at an alarming rate. It is important to understand that when oil supply lowers, oil prices go up. When crude oil price go up, the U.S. economy will be affected.

Energy obtained from sources that are essentially inexhaustible is called renewable or self-sustaining energy. This form of energy has been around since the world was created many years ago, and they include the sun, water, wind and geothermal energy. This form of energy is not only environmental friendly, but also inexhaustible. However, renewable energy can be expensive and difficult to harness, and a large amount is needed to produce only a small amount of electrical or fuel energy (Smith, s2008). In contrast, nonrenewable energy sources are energy stores with a minute or zero rate of replenishing in relation to its depletion by human beings. Non-renewable energy can be converted to usable energy via nuclear or thermal reactions. Non-renewable energy includes natural gas, oil, and coal. Unlike renewable energy, nonrenewable energy produces large amounts of electricity or fuel energy. However, nonrenewable energy cannot be replaced once used up. Moreover, nonrenewable energy is among the leading causes of pollution.As stated above, energy conservation is very important to the present as well as the future generations, and people should understand the various methods of conserving energy. Since energy conservation must start in our homes, we should replace the outdated bulbs with energy saving fluorescent tubes. Although they might be costly, they will save you much more in the long run. Ensure that all electronic devices that are not in use are not only turned off, but unplugged from power sources as well (Smith, 2008). Ensure that all leaky faucets are repaired because leaky faucets waste an estimated 30,000 gallons of weather annually. Instead of drying your clothes using a dryer, try washing them in the morning or evening when it is cooler. Buying a fuel efficient car should be a top priority in your decision making process. Finally, always stand up for what is right by advocating for clean energy and protection of the environment from global warming. On its part, the government should channel more money on energy-saving measures. Moreover, outdated computers, appliances and office equipment in government offices should be replaced with more energy-efficient equipment (Penner, 2008). Similarly, the government should invest more in new fleet vehicles that meet the standards for fuel efficiency.

As we go back and ponder about the above discussion, we should ask ourselves a very important question; what kind of world do we want to leave to or children and our children's children? With the current rate if energy use, all natural gas and oil will be gone in the next 20 years. We should care about the future generation by learning and practicing effective energy conservation and management techniques.


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