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I feel sorry that my lifestyle is so destructive to the environment. All sections of the score caught me on the wrong side. Talk of food, car use or lifestyle. I need a lot of radical change. I know that my lifestyle has to undergo a revolution. Very few people live in my house. I think that I would be a better caretaker to my environment if I lived with more people. My choice of energy should also be reevaluated. I have realized that I use more of nonrenewable than renewable energy. My energy use at home and in the car has to be reevaluated. My present consumption is lethal to the environment.

My energy saving habits also surprised me. I use so much power which can be saved. I have realized that saving energy will help reduce the stress on the environment. I am happy that I have gained knowledge. This information will help me be a better friend to my environment. My lifestyle is also wanting. I rarely buy second hand items. Purchasing goods which bear a recycle brand is also out of my vocabulary. I realize that this creates environmental strain. My lifestyle is creating great demand from the environment to produce new things. My lifestyle also creates a disposal problem to items which could otherwise be recycled.

I however realize that I am not a total failure. At least I take good care of the environment through my liking for organic foods. I should however buy these food stuffs from farmers and not supermarkets. This will have a better impact on the environment. As a parting shot, I indeed felt guilty. My present lifestyle could create a demand for more than five earths! I pray that people should not adopt my present lifestyle. People should rather join me in campaigning for change. We should embrace more environmentally healthy traits.


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