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Environmental concerns and the need to cut on operating cost are the main reasons at to why this research study was undertaken. This is in line with the societal corporate responsibility and the national natural resources management and conversation organization that requires the hotels to be fully responsible for the conservation of the environment. It has been influenced by the alarming rates of environmental pollution that is due to the wastes that are discharged by the hotels as they try to make the guest experience wonderful. Repeated cleaning of the towels is what the research is seeking to check by the encouragement of the clients recycling of them after initial usage. It is perceived that, if the guests are willing to reuse their towels then, it will influence positively to the environment. This is practical in the sense that, the sequence of having these towels rewashed after a once usage shall be checked. Secondly this program would make the costs associated with that kind of action be avoided at least to the half of what was being spent before during the daily washing of towels.

Furthermore, the associated cost of having to repeatedly wash towels on daily basis raises in an insignificant manner. Due to such a rise, the organizations realizable revenues are brought down to figures that are not realistic. Due to such high spending on what the hotels, do gather from the sale of rooms and other services such as laundry and food and beverages, this study has been formulated and undertaken for the purpose of investigating the willingness of the hotel service users towards the re-usage of towels, hence resulting to a reduction in operating costs that are linked to the process.

It is environmentally unacceptable to have an hotel or any other company release wastes matters to the environment anyhow, but it is not them who wish to do so but the quest to give their clients a wonderful experience. This and many other variables are what this research is set to offer a solution. It is mainly realizable by the willingness of the product consumer to re-use some product support tools such as the towels hence basically, the researcher sought to investigate how willing these clients are towards the re-usage of a towel.


The researcher did this research by the guidance of alternate hypothesis. These hypotheses were as follows:

H1: It is significant that the hotel clients are willing to re-use the towels.

H2.The hotel clients are not willing to re-use the towels.

H3: The client’s re-usage of the towels is going to reduce environmental pollution.

H4: Re-usage of the towels by the clients in the hotel is not going to result into a reduction in environmental pollution.

These are the kind of the Hypotheses that the researcher did formulate as he sought to undertake the research. They enabled him to get the most significant data that was related to the realization of the goals that drove him or her toward the research question.

Method used

This was a qualitative research (Noah, et al (12)). This is due to the ability of the person undertaking the research to interact with the research question without any realizable restrictions, which is one of the character traits of an inductive study. The facts is that the researcher just sought to investigate how the re-usage of the towels would result to a reduction in environmental pollution at the expense of other washable materials used by the guests in the hotel too. This means that the variable used here has a bias element in it. Facts here are hence value laded yet biased and this is one of the characteristics of a qualitative study.

According to Noah, et al (6), the usage of an informal language is also one of the reasons why this research is qualitative in nature. The researcher has the freedom of interacting with clients from different hotel units and then having them respond to his research questions without getting offended. This unofficial interaction is what has driven the research all through especially during the first experiment, which sought to counter check the social requirements and specifications against the standards in the industry. This involved a well-known hotel chain and to the least around 1,058 cases of towel reuse during the eighty days exercise.

The emergence of various designs during the research is also one of the reasons behind the support of this research having used the qualitative approach. This is because during the eighty day research for instance their emerged the clients who were willing to reuse the towels. This is an identification of a category that was not there initially hence a proof that the qualitative approach was used on a bigger scale.

This research is within a certain context and it has patterns development for the sake of comprehension of what it is out to seek. More so, it embraces the accuracy bit and reliability of it via the verification of details. These are also the most significant reasons that are supporting the inductive perspective of this research. In summary, this kind of research was done through qualitative approach that has made it to realize realistic results from it. The success was significantly related to this approach and it was the most appropriate for such kind.


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