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The environment consist of components that need to be protected due to the loss of biodiversity, waste disposal, pollution of the environment, introduction of alien species, and the release of genetic modified organs to the environment. The perfect way to protect the environment is not well thought of, by the different government agency, due to their hidden interest on the environment, with little regard to the harm they cause to the environment, and making the world to be unsuitable for habitation (Cunningham & Cunningham, 2008). All governments of the world should have in place environmental policy to guide the country to a suitable world. This policy should state the country's objectives, and aim to form the basis of the environmental management system within the country. Environmental policy should be accepted by all the companies, and any other stake holder to make it achieve its purpose (Cunningham & Cunningham, 2008).

Environmental policy must address behavioral change in the entire state agency. This the way industries can reduce waste, and become more efficient. Difficulty often arises during the implementation of the laid down strategies, due to lack of commitment, and support by a number of companies, limited time resource, and lack of material. The big question is, "how can we dispose waste products?" which rage from hazardous waste. These are waste that cause harm to both the environment, and human health at the same time (Cunningham & Cunningham, 2008).

They include television, computers monitors, and written off vehicles. All these waste produced by a company, have an environmental and financial cost that is overlooked by the respective companies and industries. The world companies and government agency should be forced to answer the question, "what are the safe ways to dispose hazardous waste product?" Instead of seeing these waste products as unwanted packaging, process water, and demolished material, but safe methods of elimination, re-use and this is what leads as to environmental policy (Cunningham & Cunningham, 2008).  

Biological diversity

Biodiversity is a very broad field that everything in the existence, belong to one of the many biodiversity of the earth. It consists mainly of three broad groups which are: species diversity, ecosystem diversity, and genetic diversity of the earth. The earth bio-diversity has since reduced drastically with time, and led to the extinction of some animals and plant species. This is mainly attributed to the human activities, which destroy the habitat, and hence the major loss of genetic diversity on earth (Cunningham & Cunningham, 2008). There is acknowledgement by the different governments of the earth, that there is need to conserve the earth biodiversity, but there is no agreement to which extent the earth biodiversity has been affected by human activities. Impact of biodiversity on human health is of international concern, and needs urgent attention. This prompted the United Nation to designate 2010 as the world international year of biodiversity (Tisdelle, 2007).

The unsuitable ecological practices have led to the drastic exiting of biodiversity. A good example is at Cape Florence Province, most species are termed endanger, and needed urgent attention. This situation led to a government burn, to stop the cutting down of trees. The international policy should put up mechanism to prevent companies from cutting down endanger spices. Each country should have a functioning bank to store artifact, and preserve seeds for future use. The conservation ethic requires the management of natural resources for sustainable biodiversity, and human culture within the society (Tisdelle, 2007).

The environmental management authority has failed to initiate the formation of Biodiversity banking in each country around the global, but only in few countries. An example is Australia Native Vegetation Management Framework. To conserve the environment there is need to be in place gene banks, this an area the environmental agency in many countries has failed. Each country has a unique biodiversity hence different genetic diversity which can be conserved through the establishment of a gene bank to be able to reintroduce banked species back to the ecosystem (Schelhas & Pfeffer, 2008).

Environmental policy should centre more on the reduction and use of better targeting pesticides to allow more plant species survive urbanized, and agricultural areas. Creation of wildlife corridors, what Kenya is now adapting are approaches that all governments should have adopted way back to alleviate human and animal conflict (Schelhas & Pfeffer, 2008).

Biodiversity should be taken into account in political and judicial matters it can be related to protection of endangered species. For example the United State Endangered Species Act is an example of what all the environmental policy should have. The health hazards brought about by genetically modified organisms has brought a lead to tighter laws to safe guide the all species. This law covers the gene patents, and process patents (Cunningham & Cunningham, 2008).   

Convection on biological diversity is a global agreement that gives rights over biological resources to sovereign national. These agreement gives a nation total control of its national resources, but I fill there need to have put a mechanism in place to check on the structures developed by the different nations if they are adequate enough to sustain a suitable world. The approval of fair sharing of biodiversity as a legal entity has yet been achieved even with the signing of the Access and Benefit Sharing Agreements (ABAs) (Schelhas & Pfeffer, 2008).

Countries have a habit of introducing exotic species to improve their country production or for industrial purposes, but later the indigenous flora and fauna are outnumbered. This was witnessed in Belgium with the introduction of Prunus spinosa that outlived the indigenous Thecla betulae (Cunningham & Cunningham, 2008). To conserve the biodiversity, then all factors should be considered. The introduction of an alien species can be deliberate or unnoticed. Barriers such as rivers, oceans, deserts, and mountains encourage independent evolution of diversity on either sides of a barrier (Ghosh, 2008).

Environmental policy has played key interest to a limited area of conservation mainly plants, and big animals in the expense of insects. The world was taken by surprise, with the disappearance of the honey bees. This is causing strain in the agricultural sector, with decrease in cross pollination between the plants. The disappearance of bees is called colony collapse disorder (CCD) that is attributed to global warming, and the use of pesticides as possible causes. All environment stake holders need to come up with an action plan to save the honey bees from distinction (Cunningham & Cunningham, 2008).     

The mismanagement of waste products in the environment, for example the damping of by-products, from industries into water bodies, leads to an increase in the acidity levels, and temperature of the water body, and referred to as environmental stress. Coral bleaching caused by environmental stress, is the main cause of the rapid loss to the world coral reef. The oceans are at risk with the increase in acidic level (Ghosh, 2008). In few years time, the oceans will no longer be productive. This posse a serious threat to the society that heavily really on natural resources from the ocean. The change in ocean chemistry cannot support marine species. In the recent years open ocean tuna and sharks were reported gone, this evident that we are headed for a mass extinction. The environmental protection agency should move with speed, and stop this time bomb from going off (Ghosh, 2008).    

The fish in international water, is different from country to country. The movements of vessels on water drag, and relocate fish from different regions or countries to others. This leads to the invention of foreign species in a different country. It applies to all marine animals, can be transported through this primitive way. The introduction of the alien species can either be an advantage or a disadvantage to the ecosystem of a particle country. In a nation where the water body has a limited number of marine species, this act's as an advantage due to increase in the number of marine animal species. Countries with a diverse marine species need no alien species. The alien species can have devastating effects to the local marine species (Ghosh, 2008).

Marine animals are not only affected by alien species, but also by disposal of waste material in water bodies. Most developing nations use the ocean, as a dump site for their by-products. This has a nitrification effect to the water body, and also causes an increase in the acidity of the water and causes the death of marine animals (Easton, 2008). Plastic bags in water lead to suffocation of the animals. It is of importance for the vessel to have no leaks of petroleum on water surface. Any leak can lead to the death of the entire rich marine ecosystem, through suffocation, and prevention of penetration of light to marine plants. It is therefore, the duty of all government agency, entrusted with the safety of the environment to keep the water bodies clean (Easton, 2008).   

Energy conservation is a way of using safe, reliable, and reduced consumption of energy. It also entails the use of modern energy, and move away from the convection energy. Energy conservation results in quality, and reduced human conflict. Industries will also maximize profit. Energy conservation is key in development of non-renewable resource, and the economical. Climate change can be drastically reduced by through energy conservation methods. The different government agency, should ensure that energy is conserved to reduce the percentage of carbon emission. In the United State the Department of Energy is mandate to see to it that energy is conserved by innovating new ways of conserving power without putting pressure on fossil fuel. To conserve energy it needs more effort than awareness, for building fitted with smart meters, this will provide practice to people in order to have a quick, and lasting change.


The global environmental agency, has played a key role in the prevention and formation of policy to govern different states, on how to protect, and manage the environment. The environment in-cooperate all the biological diversity, material conservation, habitat and energy conservation. The international cooperation on environment, has not given enough attention to all environmental issues. There is over emphasizing of global warming in the expense of the other components of the environment. The world forest cover has received enough attention, and attracted large funding from different quarters.

This not the case, when we talk about insects. No environmental agency was concern with the insect's world; recently the world was shocked with scientific discovery the disappearance of honey bee. This was a wake up call to all environmental agencies to pay attention to all environment components. The health of the society is pegged to the sustainability of the environmental. The environmental protection agency needs to do more in fighting environmental injustices by in co-operating all the environmental stake holders at all levels.


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