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Environmental science is a study of interactions of the non-living and the living components of the environment. In this field, a special emphasis is given to the impact of human beings to these components (Soule & Press, 1998).


This refers to the aspect of viewing things from human-being centred perspectives (Manson, 2000).


This is a nature-centred living, which must be premised on the incredible separations of  the humans and nature.


This is the method, by which the word is divided into various things. In most instances, we usually create our word via dualism.


This is a chord, which harmonises the earth and human beings. It is  grounded on the general belief that compares undoubted importance of human part to the entire Ecosphere (Rowe, 1994).


Ecology is a scientific study of relationships, which living things own with respect to one another and their environments (Natural Resources Defense Council, 2011).


This is one of ecological concept viewing humanity as one thing to the nature, thus making it an important integral part of evolution process (Skolimowski, 2009).


Ethics is a branch of study, which deals with what is the right course of action for human beings. This field answers fundamental questions on what is wrong or right in the human endeavours.


This system holds the aspect that human beings are primarily motivated by production of the happiness and pleasure as well as avoids pain.


This is the idea indicating that all properties of any given system, which cannot be explained or determined solely by its part. Instead, this entire system is the one determining on the way in which the parts behave (Freeman, 2005).


This is a political philosophy, moral stance, social outlook or ideology, which stresses the moral worthiness of these individuals (Johnson, 2010).


This is the idea that  all things either are made of matter or ultimately depends upon matter for the purpose of nature or existence (Cline, 2009).


This type of study or philosophy employs broad concepts to help in defining realities as well as our understanding of it.


This is a technique or style, in the field of design, literature or music, which is characterized by high degree of simplicity and sparseness (Ramirez, 2010).


This type of philosophy argues that there exits only one substance that is the bottom line of all existences.

Ethical Extensionism

Rowe (1994) indicates that ethical extensionism is a concept indicating that people are responsible for all their values. Further, it indicates the need to instil these values to other things, which do not usually have any moral standing like trees, animals among others.


This is a general believe indicating that democracy is a balanced structure that exists between various groups in the society.


This is the belief that the world can clearly be understood in the scientific terms without supernatural or spiritual explanations.


The term normative, which is derived from Latin language, is the main rule of faith or rule, which is fully decisive in its own right.


Pragmatic is  one of the American philosophies of the early 20th century indicating that the understanding of an idea, truth or a proposition lies in the observable practical consequences, instead anything that is metaphysical (Cline, 2009).


This refers to constant denial of the truths. The culture or individuals become a standard of judgments, rather than a universal, objective and the eternal reality (Manson, 2000).


This is a theory that defines morality in terms of maximization of the net expectable utilities for the parties for all parties that are affected by ones action or decisions (Kay, 1997).

Environmental Justice

Environment justice is the pursuit of equal justice as well as equal protections under laws of entire environmental regulations and statutes without discrimination based on ones ethnicity, race, or socioeconomic status (Soule & Press, 1998).

Fossil Fuels

These are fuels like natural gases, oil and coal, which are obtained from decomposition of the ancient animals and plants (Natural Resources Defense Council, 2011).

Renewable Energy

These are energy sources obtained from solar energy or wind power that is produced without depletion (Natural Resources Defense Council, 2011).


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