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Kimpton Hotels was founded way back in the year 1981 by a re-known businessman, Bill Kimpton. Since its founding, this group of hotels has been at the forefront in formulating and implementing environmentally friendly programs at the national level. However, this undertaking has more often than not proved quite very problematic. The management often faces a real dilemma in their attempt to execute these policies. This is basically because of the fact that besides the requirement that they help the hotel remain committed to their environmental responsibility, they must not introduce into the market new products that in one way or the other look more expensive than the previous ones. It must however be noted that this project has since expanded recycling program in America with the five phases implemented so far. (Lawrence & Weber pg 525)

The Kimpton Restaurant Eco Program has no doubt had several benefits both to the community and the institution itself. Although the financial implications looked quite severe from the beginning of this project, a lot has changed up to date. For instance, the hotel now attracts considerable number customers who wish to identify with the eco-project. In fact, since its inception in the year 2004, Kimptons Hotel has recorded a tremendous in bookings for meetings by various Corporations in Chicago. Currently, the statics are at a record high of half a million dollar worth of bookings. In addition, anecdotal evidence suggests that the Company has recorded good financial benefits due to the wide coverage it gets in the local newspapers as well as travel publications. This is because the matter of environmental conservation has become a brand of the institution. Whenever people think of conservation, they think Kimpton Hotels. As a result, they do not just attend to more customers but they also receive highly qualified potential employees streaming in to get employment. Essentially, this eventually leads retention as well as acquiring highly qualified staff. (Lawrence & Weber pg 524)

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Besides, the impact on the community has been tremendous. The project that boasts of six years of service to the community is said to have eliminated the use of plastics from our surrounding almost to a naught. This has seen its immediate replacement with a wide use of biodegradable disposables. Indeed, since the year 2004 the public use of biodegradables has recorded a tremendous increase by well over 200%. This has happened despite the fact that the project took long to pick up because it proved too hard to find the right materials for replacement without compromising on strength. As a matter of fact, the exercise of sourcing for the appropriate stir sticks that would resist melting or physical disintegration was initially a daunting task. Up to this moment, the project is still on the search of ideal materials for this replacement so that the world can be freed of any form of plastics. This will no doubt be a groundbreaking invention for the benefit of future generations. (Lawrence & Weber pg 530)

In this respect, it would perfectly befit to justify this project to the Board of Directors. Although the challenges in the implementation are intimidating to them, the Board of Directors has to stay the course at least for the benefit of the community. They should always keep in mind the ideals that drove them into this service, the “Social and Environmental Responsibility” to the community. As a matter of fact, the Board does not have to forgo the worthy course that they have been undertaking so far including the support to arts, education and charitable courses. These projects have significantly benefited the society and abandoning them may have serious implications. For instance, the partnership they established with the National AIDS Fund to support the Red Ribbon Campaign that greatly served to sensitize the community as well as provide basic healthcare to AIDS patients. This coupled with the Dress for Success Initiative that targeted vulnerable women get an entry into the workforce have had great social impacts. (Lawrence & Weber, pg 527)

In addition, the Board of Directors should be reminded that their close relation with the Trust for Public Land has had a significant bearing on the environment. This was a project that sought to aid in the preservation of Pubic land. It saw the Kimptons pledge to raise $15,000 from their room revenues and has greatly served to help raise the overall area under vegetation coverage. Besides, they must remember that the greatest satisfaction they should be proud of is that which sees them make an impact in the face of humanity. In addition, the fact that their competitors have adopted this plan should be sweet relief as their competition is now purely on a level play ground. The Board of Directors certainly doesn’t need to give up at this time if they want the American society and by extension the global community to benefit from the eco-friendly projects. (Lawrence & Weber pg 526)

These environmental ideals and commitments will persist into the future if the relevant government agencies introduce legislations that make it mandatory to adhere to the eco-friendly services and practices. This will ensure that it does not only become a good idea that people may chose to buy, that a tested idea that the public are made to live with. Teachers, parents, opinion leaders as well as the politicians must take a more active role in establishing these legislations both at the national and state levels. Furthermore, non-governmental organizations that value the idea of environmental organization must be at the forefront in championing for these interests. They must not only put the government on its toes as concerning the said legislative changes, but also stand on their feet to ensure that these legislative changes are implemented to the letter and spirit of the law. Besides, they have a duty to enroll a massive public education to sensitize the general public on the eventual benefits of this project and the dire need to support it for the sake of future generations. (Lawrence & Weber ,pg 528-529)

Further, giving an international recognition to organizations that are undertaking environmental conservation will be of a great help. An international award like the Nobel Peace Prize for Peace and Environment will be a perfect gift to Kimpton Restaurant Group. This will not only put them into the international radar, but ensure that the global community embraces the project of environmental conservation. This will be a first step towards ensuring a green America as well as a green globe. (Lawrence & Weber ,pg 523)

There are certain steps that Kimpton Hotels can themselves pursue. For instance, formation of a network of eco-champions to engage with their employees and get their proposals on the adjustments that may be undertaken to give better results. Although it has achieved a lot in this area within the institution, taking the same gospel to the whole nation or to the global arena will no doubt have a great impact. In addition, the institution must put in place eco-product specialists all over the country to engage with the general public and all the stakeholders. This will ensure that the project properly identifies cost effective alternative practices that will adequately replace the old practices. Furthermore, they can massively create public awareness by just featuring articles to do with environmental conservation in the local daily newspapers as well as television programs. These two avenues are certain to reach the whole community in one way or the other and should be seriously pursued. This is the only way that the society will feel the environmental responsibility as an urgent issue to pursue and see it as an institution to preserve rather than an optional suggestion. (Lawrence & Weber, pg 527)


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