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This essay looks at the literature of the Eco- Care Program that has been implemented by the Kimpton Group of Hotels. It examines the social as well as environmental benefits that have been realized from this project. According to the literature, the program rolled out by Kimpton Hotels in 2004 has seen a drastic shift from the use of plastics in the supermarkets and in the households. Further, the essay evaluates the cost implications of implementing these programs. It goes further to outline the factors that should serve as a justification to the Board of Directors that indeed the program is worth the sacrifices they make in their daily undertakings. In addition, this essay proposes the steps that the stakeholders must put in place to ensure that it stands the test of time into future generations. These should set a mindset in the people that the project is not just something to adopt, but an institution to respect. (Lawrence & Weber pg 524)

There is a concession among the public that their idea of conserving the environment has had a substantial amount of economic benefits besides the obvious social benefits to the society in the United States. For example, only a few years into their serious operations statistical data from Kimpton Hotels indicated that there had been a great surge in their services to the corporate society in the vicinity of Chicago, Illinois. A wobb;ing 65% of their total revenues has been attributed to business travels further giving the real picture that it has painted beyond its borders. This was due to the fact that the issue of Kimptons green project became a famous idea that everyone of these groups wanted to identify with. In particular, a record half a million dollars in bookings for meetings have been realized by Kimptons due to the good reputation they have gained from this project. Indeed, this trend is expected to run well into the future so that the institution can be sure to recover the funds that they used to roll out this program as well as the charitable undertakings that they continue to engage in till this moment. (Lawrence & Weber pg 526)


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The other benefits that can be said to have accrued from this project involve but are not limited to the social impacts on the community. It is quite clear in the public domain that Kimptons Hotels has built a brand that the society feels proud to associate with. Actually, this has been their dream for a long period now. The idea that they must be seen to stand for something has been a driving force behind their undertakings. That is why it must be considered a great benefit to them to have achieved this within that short period. Indeed, it would properly suffice to anyone to get such a credit. Besides, the feeling that your good deeds serve to shape the way things are down around you is quite a great honor. As at now, it can be said with a great deal of certainty that several other companies have adopted the same project in their institutions and actively engage in practices that are aimed at conserving the environment. This is clearly a significant success story considering the initial aspirations of Kimptos Restaurants Group. (Lawrence & Weber pg 528)

The Kimptons Group of Hotels has attracted a large number of skilled employees. Although this is ideally expected given the reputation it has built in the eyes of the society, the number of requests from potential employees has certainly been overwhelming. This has made it possible for them to pick the most skilled personnel who exhibit total commitment to their ideals from the pool of potential employees. Eventually, the customers who are their number one target certainly enjoy quality services in all their branches across the Americas. Further, Kimptons has established a good number of loyal customers in and around Chicago. These people want to identify with environmental conservation efforts of Kimptons Hotels. As a result, they have a compelling urge to keep using these products or in certain instances just have them around the sitting room as a show of solidarity. For instance, a good number of civil organizations in the state of Illinois have made it their culture to hold their meetings or order a variety of their products from Kimptons and their environmental projects. In the end, smiles all the way to the bank from the high returns recorded Kimptons Hotel. (Lawrence & Weber, pg 529)

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The initial costs of undertaking this project were clearly exorbitant. This is because the idea was unpopular and that Kimptons had to part with a large sum of money to spend on the society. For instance, they were part and parcel of the National AIDS Fund that was giving support to orphans as well as women victims of the pandemic. Besides, in their implementation of the green policy they had to establish a working partnership with the Trust for Public land, an institution that safeguards and preserves the pieces of land in public use. This they did from the revenues resulting from their room booking to the tune of $15,000 annually. This certainly shows the financial strain that they ended up in. However, the geese have come home to roost. They currently record good profits and show perfect signs of facing the future as a financially stronger institution. (Lawrence & Weber, pg 527)

A very significant step that would certainly serve to institutionalize the idea of environmental conservation is massive education of the public. Indeed, it becomes very hard to blindly tell people to adopt an idea that they do not properly comprehend. That why it would be of great significance to carry out public education to enable the people appreciate and adopt the green practices that Kimptons Hotels have always preached. Besides, it will serve to popularize their products in the market. In addition, they can work with strategic organizations who have direct access to the people as this will enable their message of green environment penetrate the deepest of the villages and households in the American society. Indeed, this would be perfect strategy to enable people see the project as a necessity that they have a duty to participate in for the good of the future generations. It has worked for political parties that wish to stand the test of time, and can certainly work for Kimptons Hotels. (Lawrence & Weber, pg 525)

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The government must be made to pass laws that do not only appreciate the project as a worthy course, but that which compels every citizen to perform their individual duty towards the overall implementation of the project. This will actually make it easier to implement because all government agencies will then be compelled by law to implement these policies thereby reducing the financial burden of implementation on the Kimptons Hotels. Further, some amount of token recognition for the institutions and organizations that show total commitment to these values would certainly serve to inspire other sectors of the society keep the spirit alive. For instance, an international award by the United Nations Environmental Program would thrush the idea seriously into the global arena so that it does not only become an institution in America, but in the whole world. (Lawrence & Weber, pg 530)


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