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The global climate fluctuation is at present the most dangerous and challenging aspect to both the scientists, human beings and the universe as a whole. Despite the idea that it is becoming a catastrophe, it is caused and implemented by ourselves. It is a condition that is increasing and worsening rapidly with the influence of human pride and pleasure.

Human beings are taking advantage of the problem even taking decades before it becomes serious, and the idea that they can keep on moving despite the fact that there are experiencing the threat of warming. Precaution measures need to be formulated and implemented in order to prevent and stop human negligence at the expense of destroying and altering the global climate.

In the later years the bigger attention directed to the problem of the climate fluctuation. It has been regarded that the main cause of global fluctuations of the climate are the activities of man that are linked to technology. Despite the technogeneous activity of the mankind being the major cause of climate fluctuation, it’s not a guarantee that we outlook other factors (Griffin, 2003).There are other contributing aspects to the climate fluctuation which include: the alteration of the anthropogenic which is caused by the exposure of the greenhouse gas in the global structure. Some of the dangerous gases from the greenhouse to the climate include; CO2, CH4, NO2 and freons. The global climate fluctuation is also influenced by geological factors. The drift of the geographical pole of the Earth, the drift of the geomagnetic pole of the Earth, the change of the angle velocity of rotation of Earth, and the increase of the endogen especially volcanic activity of Earth (Griffin, 2003).

There has been extreme weather events observed that offer a clear understanding over the global climate fluctuation. The increase in hurricanes, frequent occurrence of Tornadoes, too much rain, too little rain, excess snow, and inadequate snow is a clear indication that there is a global climate fluctuation (Starck, 2008).

There has been low recording in the global tropical cyclone activities. The prolonged periods of drought, and more hurricanes are caused by excessive warming and temperature rise in the atmosphere depicting that there has been a global climate fluctuation in the recent years.

On a personal perspective, I believe in the next few decades, if no measures and mechanisms to prevent further destruction and depletion of the atmosphere, there will be a new universe in existence full acidic rain, increased hurricanes, prolonged drought. A global catastrophe impeded with calamities (Vogel, & Lazar, 2010).

Human beings are the core cause of global climate fluctuation. Through their daily activities such as the burning of coal, oil and natural gas as well as deforestation are destroying the composition of the atmosphere which eventually results to climate change. Through various agricultural activities and industrial practices, human beings have led to increased concentration of greenhouse gases. They have overloaded the atmosphere with carbon dioxide, methane, chlorofluorocarbon, nitrous oxide and ozone in the lower part of the hemisphere (Starck, 2008).

Rice cultivation, cattle ranching, and decaying material are the common human activities that end up filling the atmosphere with methane gas. Through the use of solvents, refrigerator, and air conditioning, chlorofluorocarbons are emitted in the atmosphere by human beings.

Burning of fossil fuels and changes in land use has significantly increased the percentage of small particles in the atmosphere. The availability of these particles has greatly altered the intensity of energy that is absorbed and reflected by the atmosphere. The particles adjust the properties of cloud (Griffin, 2003).

Despite the fact that most of the activities that human beings are engaged in are detrimental to the atmosphere, there are other activities that they can conduct which play an important role in preventing and maintaining the atmosphere from depletion. People should learn to drive less. If possible, they should walk, carpool or even ride a bicycle which helps in reducing gas consumption and emission of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere (Starck, 2008). They should recycle at least half of their household waste. By doing so, they save on energy, and landfill space hence no altering the atmosphere in any form. In addition to this, they should at least plant a tree, adjust their thermostat, switch off electricity when not in use, minimize the use of hot water, and stay informed of the measures to prevent alteration of the atmosphere (Vogel, & Lazar, 2010).

Global climate fluctuation is becoming a significant catastrophe that if no stand measures will be put in place, then it will leave the world at a risky condition. The threat of global warming will increase the level of hurricanes and waves which are more disastrous and dangerous. People should be informed and made aware of the causes of global climate fluctuation and its outcome. They should also be educated on the preventive measures that can be implemented.


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