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Global warming is the rise or increase of the earth’s atmospheric and oceanic temperatures that lead to climatic changes. The effects of global warming are visible today and focus is on finding a global solution to this problem. It is in the wake of this that the documentary An Inconvenient Truth was produced. Inconvenient Truth is a documentary film released on May 2006. Directed by Davis Guggenheim, this film is about the former United States Vice President Al Gore and his campaign to create awareness about global warming. This essay highlights the issues discussed in the film including the Keeling curve, the retreat of glaciers and temperature recordings. The film hence aims at proving that global warming exists, and its effects are bound to be catastrophic.

Key issues in the film An Inconvenient Truth

Firstly, during his slide shows Gore presents the Keeling curve. This curve is a recorded pattern of carbon oxide (CO2) levels since early 1950 taken from the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii. Using this curve as an illustration, Gore argues that the build-up of atmospheric CO2 affects the thickness of the ozone layer. He dismisses critics who claim that the earth is large enough, through a display of shuttle photos that show how thin the atmospheric layer is, compared to the earth’s size. Gore also expresses efforts he has made to create this awareness from the early 70s and 80s and his concerns over the rising levels of CO2. Secondly, Gore discusses the retreat of various glaciers in the world over the past century. He uses an impressive series of ‘’past and present ‘’ images of glaciers of Mt Kilimanjaro in Kenya, The Greenland and Antarctic ice caps as examples and discusses at length how global warming has adversely caused glacier retreats. Thirdly, Gore speaks about temperature rises and displays temperature recordings since 1880. He argues that the hottest years have been recorded in the past fourteen years. According to Gore, the rise in drought and heat waves experienced recently in Europe are a looming threat in the coming years if global warming is not addressed.


Global warming is a widespread challenge on humanity. Environmentalists argue that climate change may lead to severe and adverse impacts in the near future. The Film An Inconvenient Truth seeks to address this problem by educating people on the causes and possible remedies of global warming. Al Gore has arguable put effort to ensure that this message is passed on worldwide. The issues of increased CO2 levels retreat of glaciers and temperature rise are among his key discussions. He points out that this film is not a political strategy as suggested by critics. Though there are few factual errors in the film, people have accepted the fundamental message.


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