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Green companies have developed innovations and discoveries that have resulted in development green energy solution. One of the benefits of green companies is that the operations of the companies are environmental friendly in that there are no or minimal pollutants produced by the green companies. Another major benefit of a green company is that it minimizes on the use of non-renewable sources of energy and focuses on using the renewable sources of energy, for example, solar energy. Governments should support green energy projects to popularize the use of clean and renewable sources of energy vis-à-vis non-renewable energy like oil that pollutes the environment. The innovations help reduce the energy needs of a country and reduce pollution. Pollution is harmful to a country; reducing the pollution saves on the government funds.

Green innovations have disadvantages too; one drawback is that the green technologies do not always have economic returns; another disadvantage is that green technologies have hidden effects on the environment; the hidden effects on the environment might be more dangerous than the effects that are well known.

Benefits of green technologies outweigh the setbacks. Governments ought to encourage people to use green products to create employment opportunities. Possibly, government can provide subsidies to green investors and firms to develop green energy solutions besides funding research centers and universities undertaking green projects.

Giving green companies funds to support the conservation innovations would reward them sufficiently. Providing funds for additional environmental innovations would pay the green companies without penalizing the rights of other companies to do business, as this does not have a direct effect on the market of the products. However, the funds will meet on the cost of production benefiting the company directly.


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