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The global climate change is the inevitable fact that people have to recognize sooner or later. Today, the situation in the world is worse than ever before and there is only one way to improve the current conditions. The measures to stop the pollution will positively affect the atmosphere and protect the nature. Even insignificant actions can save the world that exists today. Any civilization cannot survive without understanding the physics and using the contemporary technologies of today.

The climate change is the global issue. If people face it together it could be possible to slow down the ongoing process of the damage to the lives of people and the world as a whole. The most fundamental changes of the planet are the global warming trends that extremely affect the weather patterns as well as the world temperature.

The major reason why such changes continue is global pollution that takes place while burning the coal and oil. The “fossil fuels are the largest source of energy for the power plants that threaten people all over the world by poisoning water and air” (McCarthy 1285). Another very critical factor that increases the risk of the global warming is deforestation that also destroys the climate system and provokes global warming.

The time has come to think about the global support for the operations to defend the nature resources by the world government. The UN General Assembly plays an import role in the world collaboration towards the environmental protection. Such measurements are followed by various scientific research campaigns. The most challenging global partnerships are the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development that has been signed in June 1992 and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) created in January 2001. The scientific community is striving to convey people in the importance of the climate change as well as the immediate actions to stop the destruction of the ozone layer.

The only possible way to take actions is to help individual people and companies that are aiming to reverse the global warming process by consuming the alternative sources of energy. The efforts to restrict the release of carbon dioxide as well as the greenhouse gasses can make a great contribution to the global climate stabilization. In fact, according to the Green Peace records, “in United States and Canada people release over 10,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per person every year” (McCarthy 1286). The scientists claim that the only way people could stop the pollution is their personal daily activities to cut the use of oil, coal, and gas and replace it with the alternative sources of energy.

In all, this is beyond controversy that the main reason of the world problems today is the humanity. It is also obvious that people have to start reducing the global climate change by daily activities to renew the natural resources and reverse the process. There are different ways that people can take actions to prevent the global warming. One of the best actions to take first is to use the alternative sources of energy that will not damage the climate. This could be wind and solar energy, water and geothermal energy or any other renewable energy sources on the planet.

As it was already mentioned, one of the reasons of the global warming is the emission of the greenhouse gasses and that could be eliminated by replacing the coal-burning transportation with the eco-friendly vehicles. People can even run bicycles instead of cars; this does not harm the environment and is good for health. Another action to slow down the greenhouse gasses could be the recycling of litter. The habit to reuse the raw materials could also help fight the changes in the global climate. This could considerably reduce the global warming in the future.

One of the absolutely free actions that every person can do is to plant as many trees as possible. Most importantly, people have to guard the forests that still exist on the planet as this can naturally remove the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Such actions could significantly slow down the greenhouse gasses as well as reduce the global warming processes. The next action against the climate destabilization is the consumption of the local goods and products in place of the imported ones.

Finally, what people should do on all the levels is to provide a proper education for the new generations. This will help protect the wildlife and save everything that is possible to save. In case children know about the harm to the environment and their health, they would surely change their opinion towards the emissions of any kind.

These are the very few measures people can take today. Such actions should be taken immediately until it is not too late. The climate change as well as the global warming is to be taken seriously as this is a huge issue for the planet. The future of the climate lies in the hands of people all over the world. This considers every individual who lives today and could make a contribution to protect the Earth from pollution, global warming and a climate change.


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