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Maryland lacks enough inspectors to investigate those who violate environmental policies. They target power plants, factories and construction sites for environmental crackdown. The main challenge is lack of enough personnel to carry out the role of inspection because the sites are increasing while the number of inspectors is dwindling. On the same note, state inspectors are proposing the use of same inspectors to carryout environmental crackdown this time with their main focus on the manure laden from Maryland chicken farms.

The secretary of environment Shari Wilson is urging the Maryland department of environment to use the existing resources in order to curb the cases of environmental pollution. He said so because he knew that the federal government had reduced is funding of environment programs. What the state official are trying to do is to utilize the minimum resource to ensure cost benefits in the sense that the existing environmental officials are the ones that will be used to do new environmental crackdown.

Wilson said that there were no funds to hire inspectors and therefore, her department which has the mandate of enforcing environmental laws will concentrate on inspecting those sites that are notorious polluters or those that have high capability to cause harm. This according to her was a way of utilizing the available resources to protect the environment and in any case if the degradation of the environment would occur because of violation of rules and laws, lit was going to be very small (Howard, 1993).

Maryland has o adequate resource to enforce its environmental laws to the fullest but the principle of equi-marginal has helped it to curb those people who violate its laws, prevent pollution and apprehend the suspected violators. The state is targeting to limit the emission of green house gases, increase the funding of Chesapeake Bay cleanup and more importantly, protect the blue crab as part of its move to apply the equi- marginal principle (Cestti, 2003).

Over the years, Maryland has been able to win over big time polluters. For instance, the article states that two power plants were fined for emissions and a penalty of $ 4 million was incurred to a gasoline firm that has its gasoline leak at a station in Baltimore County. They have inspectors who are responsible for checking pollution reduction plans at the farms that are available to ensure that these farms do not pollute the nearby rivers with their fertilizers. The presence of police also has helped in cracking down crime for the law violators this has made their work somehow easy (David, 2008).

The next target of these law enforcers is the hunt on poultry keepers whereby the state has proposed to limit what they can do with their manure. The state inspectors are given the responsibility of inspecting farms for manure run off in the Chesapeake tributaries which endangers the life of marine animals. These inspectors give measures on how farmers have to apply manure on their farms as a part of prevention of pollution. The state has got new department of agriculture that will be given the work of looking how manure and application of fertilizers in the field.


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