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The attack will take place on 24th November 2011 during the afternoon hours, because at this time all the people concentrate on the work while rushing to go for lunch. The attack is not supposed to miss on that day and time, because if it fails, the information can leak. The atomic bomb is the main weapon for this attack, because with it a lot of people will be killed and property destroyed.

Target group

The groups which have chosen, to accomplish our mission are the Black American community in the region of Virginia. This will occur in revenge of one of our member who walked in the streets of Virginia, and the community of Black Americans attacked him and was killed. The attack occurrence must consume lives of many people in that region because our colleague left us innocently. The individuals always come to town early in the morning hours and leave in the evening using the city streets. Those who contact business at night come to town in the evening but in view numbers. The attack will occur during the day time in order to consume more lives.


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The investigation officers and private detectives always patrol the town each time, but we work on defeating their intelligence. We fight to win always, and revenge to our colleagues life. The tactics to apply in this place should assist in generating attacking materials, which can not get noticed by the law enforcement officers. The group does not have the ability to notice suspicious activities, because they always concentrate to their business. They work hard, and this make then not to bother with the outside activities.

Organizing the Attack

Me (the Commander): Our agents will be sent to IRA general army conventions for about two weeks. This is our supreme decision making authority. The meeting will be on a regular basis until the best time for perform attack is near. The general army conventions will elect executive members comprising of twelve people. Please comrades, I expect high active participation so that we are giving at least six slots.

1st Battalion Commander: The 12 executive members elected will also be selecting approximately seven volunteers to make up the members of the Army executive council. The decision regarding the date and time will be communicated after the seven members are selected.

2nd Battalion Commander: The convention will also appoint the chief of general staff who will not only give direction but also appoint major generals, general headquarters among other senior heads.

Strategic Commander: During the attack, the brigades in the war zones will be located in the garden square, the north corridor, the entrance to the VIP lounge, the minor exit and the gate of commons. 50 members of the Brigades should ensure that not a single UN army passes by. Volunteer battalions will carry out security checks in the main entrance and exit roads of the United Nation headquarters. Ensure that your masks are properly donned so that you do not waste the group’s time.

Director of Intelligence: Each of the commanding officers (battalion and brigadier) should ensure that all the officers are ready with their guns at exchange points. We need a quick explosives officer, intelligence and finance officers. Since the attack is on 24th of November, 2011, the intelligence officer should attend all the conferences beginning tomorrow. Give us the feedback. His last schedule should be on that 24th of November, where he will brief us on the venue, security situation and the sitting arrangements.

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Deputy Commander: At this time, the explosives master should not hesitate because our main target as you have watched in the video clips is none other than the secretary General. Any delays will be a blow to IRA’s Security Council, General army Conventions, brigades and all volunteers. Brigades will choose the best combat strategies, selecting the weapon best suited to clear the place and also based on the character of the volunteer.

3rd Battalion Commander: It is vital to strike and discover a balance as regards both offensive and defensive skills so that effective combinations measures are taken into consideration. Each volunteer will be given weapon considering such factors as: brutal force, the power of fire and the pilot should strike once. The pilot should be flexible and wise as these are key elements in determining the end results of our strike

Strategic Commander: The direction to be followed by the volunteer will actually depend on the position taken by the brigadier

Deputy Commander: After the attack; head to different directions as the pilot concentrates the jet into the sky. This will turn attention which will make the second jet to strike with ease.

Optional tactic and weapon

This will get into effect after the first attempt fails, but if there is no failure it will not be affected. The individuals can not detect our activity against them, but the streets of Virginia have tight security. The only method, which we should apply here and succeed without interaction is the use of a bomb. The bomb can enter in to town without being noticed by the law enforcement officers. The law enforcement officers’ patrol within the day but in launch time, they leave their places of duty. They concentrate with their work for few hours in the morning, and in the afternoon, they relax. The bomb will enter in the town in a salon car, because mostly saloon cars get in town without search.

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The car will move in the streets in order to break suspicion. After moving then, the driver will leave the van at the street with the bomb in the car. The car must have considerable lock in a way that nobody can open. The car will stay there without any body, but this should take a period of about thirty minutes before the bomb explodes. After the driver, and the co-driver leaves the car they will go and makes sure they do not get noticed by any body. Incase the information about the people who drove the car leaks, we will have to kill them before they expose the whole issue.



The mission should take shortest period as possible, because the idea has been known to every body in our group. The application of all those tactics mentioned will assist in making the work more effective and uncomplicated. Consideration of measures listed will make our job perfect, and the attack will be successful no body will escape. Our group members should get ready to commence the activity frightfully soon without delay.


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