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The discovery of the dust-disc was a very close call to researchers that there could be another solar system that they are yet to authenticate. The form in which the ‘imagined’ solar system may be different from our system and the planets may not be as spherical as our planets. This could explain the disk shape. Consequently, the features and probable life in these solar systems may be different from ours. This could eventually render them undetectable by our technologies, thus the continued belief that there is no other solar system in the universe (Hawking, 1998).

Possibility of Existence of Other earths

The possibility of existence of another earth within the universe is as reasonable as there being none. Astronauts from earth have only searched for this possibility but have so far not been successful (Hawking, 1998). So far, they have not detected another planet like ours and many assume that there is no possibility that there is another earth.

Scientists have tried to explain many factors that led to the formation of life. It all started with merger of certain elements that are also present in other sections of the universe such as meteorites and meteors (Adams, 2008). With the expansive universe, with stars that could be looked at to resemble the sun, it is possible that there is another earth within the universe (Adams, 2008). The factors that led to the beginning of life on earth could have been present in other planets that scientists have never examined. The only other factor would be the nearness of the planet to its star that serves as the sun. This again cannot be ruled out and consequently, the presence of another earth cannot be categorically denied (Rees, 1999). As we have not managed to discover another earth, people/ aliens from the other ‘earth’ may not have discovered us. At the same time, the reports that there are aliens spotted within the earth atmosphere leaves more room for discussion over the existence of another earth (Rees, 1999).


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