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Free «Red Shift Law» Essay Sample

Red shift law is a cosmological standard developed by Edwin Hobble in 1929. According to Red shift law, the universe surrounding the Earth is in an expansion trend. While introducing the Red shift law, Hobble indicated that almost all galaxies were moving and stretching away from the Earth. Red shift refers to the displacement of light from an astronomical material in the direction of a red light, which has the longer wave length. During the invention of the law, Hobble hinted that red shift of the galaxies moving away from the Milky Way increased in direct proportion to the increasing distance between the Milky Way and the Earth (Appenzeler 5). It then followed that the greater the red shift depicted by light coming from the astronomical objects of the remote galaxies, the greater the distance of the astronomical object from the Earth.

Koupelis, in reference to the Red Shift law, corrects that the mere claim that the Universe expands does not mean that the solar system also expands (7). It does not also mean that the stars found within Milky Way galaxy are moving apart, or that all galaxies are moving farther apart. Koupelis, with reference to the explanation in the Red shift law, clarifies that some galaxies are, in fact, moving towards the Earth, while others move away from the Earth (7). These diverse movements are due to gravitational differences experienced by individual galaxies within their specific surrounding. For instance, the Andromeda galaxy, which is near Milky Way galaxy, moves nearer.


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Finally, to ensure clarity of the idea, Koupelis, with reference the experimentations of Hobble, notes that the idea of cosmos expanding does not mean that galaxies are rushing for space, but rather the area is the one that expands (8). This explanation is in direct correlation to the experiments done by Hobble involving a balloon with seeds glued on its various parts. As Hobble blew the balloon, the glued seeds seemed to move farther apart as a result of the increasing space


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