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Free «Scarcity of Water» Essay Sample


Rapid exhaustion of water and the overall inadequacy in the MENA region coupled with economic developments, environmental factors and augmented population explosion have influenced the political, cultural and economic dimensions of this region. MENA has adequate oil reserves, but water appears to be the scarcest resource. The stress associated with water scarcity has resulted in challenges in the maintenance of the social order and political stability in regions such as Israel and Palestine where water sources for Israel emanate from Palestine (Lowi, 2008). Water policies and water security will soon become the underlying matters in the future, while the current matters and conflicts are mainly focused on oil reserves.

Water scarcity has considerable implications with regard to the role of water reserves in agriculture, industry, and the overall food security of the region.  These factors are imperative in the maintenance of political stability and social order (Lowi, 2008). The various strategies employed in the alleviation of water scarcity menace have culturally affected the existence of most people, considering that most inhabitants lead a nomadic life. 

Strategies utilized in tackling the water crisis in MENA include desalination of the sea and ocean water, dam construction along river water supplies and programs that seek to manage the resource in order to reduce the overall water wastage (Pandya, 2012). The others include water reuse upon proper treatment and exploitation of the oil money to build integrated systems to reduce water crisis. This will also assist in the termination of various conflicts that exist within these regions. The region may have turn out as the cradle for human existence through interactions with other civilizations, considering the culture of the inhabitants. In the end, the groups looking for water reserves cooperate with those settled along water sources. This factor leads to development of civilizations along these regions.


Water scarcity in MENA region has numerous implications in the cultural, political and economic dimensions. It has considerable roles in conflicts that are prevalent in this region. However, the water crisis can be alleviated through a series of strategies, which implies that conflicts will also be resolved to certain degrees. 


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