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Today, the subject of climate change is creating a heated debate among many global leaders, industry heads, and environmentalists. Whereas the scientific experts agree that greenhouse effect is something real and going on, and that human activities add greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, a lot is not yet known regarding the future results of climate changes. Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, water vapor and ozone layer, entrap heat within the atmosphere rather than letting it to go back into atmosphere, this manner it results in increase in global temperatures. However, greenhouse gases are a natural phenomenon that traps heat to give us warmth, without these gases, the would could be 60 degrees centigrade cooler, the only problem is their amount in the atmosphere is increasing to a higher degree which now causes negative activities of climate change. Climate change has and will result in considerably impacts on our environment and other activities (William, 67).

Global warming is a potential cause of some immediate influence on plants and animals. The ecological conditions on a global context have become unpredictable as a result of global warming. This leads to some significant implications to the human society. The need for food, shelter, transportation as well as clothing by the humans continues to rise for the sake of survival. The living species in the world continuously face the danger of extinction which has an important implication to the mankind.

People have evolved to mainly focus on an urgent danger, it could be that posed of wild animals or the plant life which has a significant ramifications to the quality of life. But climate change is an exceptional long-range issue, and its impacts are felt gradually in relation to human time span and therefore those who will be worst hit with climate change effects are the future generations. To resolve this issue, it is necessary to view the future as our sole responsibility and put in mind the effect of current decisions about environment on the future generations (William, 117).

Some environmental bodies as well media accuse climate skeptics of supporting fuel companies, they state that the business sector have to be responsible of its greenhouse emissions. They view industry's counterarguments as clear aim to hinder the reality. From 1980, there has a deliberate campaign to try and fight the scientific truth regarding climate change which points to huge industries being the main cause of climate change because of their emission from these industries that are full of greenhouse gases.

Similarly there those who argue that climate change is not cause by human activities but it is natural phenomenon and nothing can be done to control it. They point of that the warming of earth has been taking place even without human activities. According to them human activities even if they contribute to climate change, their contribution is very minimal and can not be said to be the cause of climate change (DiMento, & Doughman,, 108).

Proper land use is one potential solution to the problem. The world can reverse the emission of carbon dioxide as well as other gases by stopping the destruction of forest or degradation of land cover. Soil and its cover can act as important final removers of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from the air. Using the correct soil management methods, soil only has the ability of absorbing about 13% of net carbon dioxide from human activities Thus, in way land can be used in a more effective way as a carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases 'sink.'


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