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Free «This is Water» Essay Sample

One of the popular American authors, David Foster Wallace, writes in interesting and philosophical way of thinking, giving the reader reflections of the difficulties of common life. The book begins with a meeting of two young fish and old wise one in the sea. The older one greets and asks them: “Morning, boys. How’s the water?” (Wallace, 2005), which means How’s life, any news? The answer is: “What the hell is water?” (Wallace, 2005), which means, what the hell is life?! That is a comparison of human’s everyday routine.

Every morning you get up early, rush to work, then do your job, after that, if tired, you need to go to the supermarket to buy something to eat for supper, and then stay in long lines before the cashier, drive home in traffic jams. That shows realities of simple human’s lifestyle. While you are driving home, your thoughts are wandering about what a boring life we have. Now you are thinking about other people, who are in the same situation like you. At last, you are getting home all tired, hungry, and annoyed of the thought that tomorrow will be the same day again. This example of usual employee personifies general image of each person.

In this book, the author gives the guidelines to college graduates about adult life and the obstacles they might face in future.

Wallace (2005) states that: “Exercising of control over what you think actually indicates the process of learning. You should to be conscious, aware and attentive to what you choose, taking the essence from own experience.”

This cliché expresses the existence of human’s life. The author shows us different views on the same situation and directs young generation to take care of others, to be attentive and kind to people. He tells us simple things in inspirational and extraordinary way. Your mind wanders about life and death, and only you have the choice of how to live and what for. And, thus, the whole life is also like water.


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