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Water is known to be the most essential liquid substance that serves in human lives. Water can be in gaseous or solid states, in either ways, it covers 70.9 percent of the earth’s space. Most of the waters are in oceans, and the rest in glaciers, in ground waters, large water bodies, and in the air in the form of vapour. Water plays a crucial role in all forms of life, and by this, it means animals, and plants. In other words, water is vital in the relationship between plants and animals. Apart from other mere uses of water, it is used for agriculture, transportation, and the most essential use, which is, for drinking. By this, this paper seeks to highlight the value of water in all forms of life, and the effects caused by its absence. Additionally, this paper seeks to analyze the issues surrounding in the twenty first century, comparing with the previous years.

From a natural perspective, water is known for its metabolic functions such as sustaining plants, and human life. Biologically, plants are known to depend on water for their growth, and development, thus, keeping them alive. Water is precious and should be properly utilized in all its functions such as drinking, washing, cleaning, cooking, agriculture, and other recreational factors. According to statistics, America uses 150 to 250 gallons of water every day. By this, it is clearly evident how essential water is considering that this is the only water used in basics such as drinking, washing, and cooking. Other recreational uses of water are such as boating, sailing, fishing, swimming, rafting, and canoeing. In other words, water makes life enjoyable and worth living. Personally, I cannot imagine how life could be without water. Analyzing the challenges endured by people with inadequate water supply is part of the paper’s entails (Hooimeijer & Kamphuis 67).

Over the years, there have been articles explaining the water situation in Africa, whereby children drop out of schools to fetch water for their families. Having stated that water covers over 70 percent of the land mass, it is hard to believe that there are still countries affected by the unavailability of water. Apart from other collective reasons, this is caused by poor infrastructure, and lack of adequate resources in these countries. As developed countries enjoy the value of water, other countries barely access to water to sustain their livelihood. Water primarily has a vital role in all aspect, in human life. Swimming, transportation, and energy production are just part of the benefits associated with water. In other words, water is signifies purity, and refreshment. Other than the benefits associated with water, there are also ailments that are caused by contamination of water.  Africa is known to have a high children death rate due to diarrhea and other water related diseases. The quality of water is determined by its source and the process taken in its preservation. While people in developed countries worry about the color and odor of water to use for sanitation, people in third-world countries do not mind any of these, as long as the water is a safe for drinking.

Clean water is extremely beneficial for human consumption and in any living organism. Moreover, the availability of clean water is among the greatest challenges facing undeveloped countries. Over the last decade, water has improved steadily and substantially to every part of the world. Purity of water cannot be determined, by the way, it may seem to appear but through the contents in it. Water contamination has been for a long time been a cause of many infections, which have even, led to deaths of many. However, scientists have made a significant progress in inventing antiseptics that are used to kill germ found in water, for example, water guard, and aqua guard among others. This has helped increase availability and access to water, and, therefore, increased production, and as a result, boosts the world economy (Coux 71).

Unlike in developed countries, water is considered extremely vital, and is properly utilized due to its value. In addition to this, access to water leave alone safe water has been a key issue in third-world countries, over the years. However, as access to water remains a challenge in undeveloped countries, it is playing a vital role in the world’s economy. This is because of its solvent function in most production, and its main function, which is life. One of the most expensive and valuable resource in the world is known to be water. Everything in this globe, including animal and plants depend on water, therefore, without water it would be difficult to grow crops and to rear animals. Misuse of water in the country may lead to international conflict and danger to the planet hence causing national insecurity (Hooimeijer & Kamphuis 113).

Water is seen to be the cause of serious conflicts in the nations. Although water is significant in human living, it has contributed to violent and war where it has led to the fact of international security which has later brought the confusion to know the relationship between water and security. In history, many conflicts that occur due to use of water as the weapon during war.

Most of people in the world prefer using water with different dimension such as washing clothes, watering their gardens and growing food and others. It is seen to be economically, political and environmentally by improving the efficiency and conservation of water in the nation as a way of increasing the supply of water even in the coming future. By cutting the waste, it is easy to help the economy and the environment which will lead to the adequacy of water in the coming future. Different organizations have been introduced in the conservation of water so that water is not misused in the nation and to educate people on measures on how to protect water. In year 1987, an organization was introduced to discipline and deal with the water conservation under water and sustainability. So, that it can deal with issues of water in the nation. The organization was set to look the issues under the impacts of climatic change on water, water under human basic rights, role of water under conflicts, efficiency of water and conservation. Under the conservation of water, new approach should be introduced so as to water can be managed, and proper use of water is urgently needed.

Evapo-transpiration and rainfall are the demonstration of the main hydrology flow in the system. Therefore, water in agriculture is useful in meat and food production since, water plays a crucial role in the enterprise of agriculture, thus; the decrease in the amount of water in the nation may lead to poor production in agriculture. Agriculture consists of livestock production, and it is the most water consumer than any other activity in the world. Irrigation is one of the major causes of consumption of water, and when there is a shortage of rainfall in the globe, which means that water loss will be rapid since it will be mostly more used in the agricultural sector. Deforestation of the natural resources has damaged the biodiversity on the issues of climate which in turn has destroyed the ecosystem of many nations.

International community need to join efforts, and help third-world countries eradicate this issue that has cost the lives of many. It is a new generation, and basic needs such as water should not be a problem faced by people from any background. The world has progressed in technology advancement and is now able to apply it easing our lives (Coux 34). By this, government can improve the situation in these countries faced with water crisis, and in ensuring that this issue is gone for good. The only possible solution is by controlling water sources in dry areas, and improving conditions and quality of water catchment areas. Specifically, the government should ensure that the very grass roots area have access to not only water, but safe drinking water. On the other hand, people should appreciate this and help the organization involved in these projects of restoration of water in water sources.

Recently, Kenya lost the first African woman Nobel Prize winner, who fought in preserving the environment. Water is connected to almost aspect in the environment we are in, and, therefore, affect water preservation. Wangari Mathai who was the Nobel Prize winner believed in tree planting and protection of forests. From the above analysis, it is evident that there is an interrelationship between water production and water sustainability. It is, therefore, all and sundries responsibility to ensure that they play their role responsibly. After all, they are end beneficiaries in the entire process.


To summarize, it is clearly evident that water is essential and is the most precious resource in human life. Therefore, water should be preserved for our sake, and for the next generation. With the climatic change, researchers say that this may be impossible due to the unpredictable changes every day. However, with the high percentage of water in the land mass, organization responsible for this will just find strategies of preserving the waters we already have.


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