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According to PETER SINGER, the basic principle of equality is equal consideration, which, for different beings, may lead to different treatment and different rights. - How should a horse and a pig be treated? What sort of moral status should each deserve? Horses have long been serving humans since they were used as efficient means of transportation. Horses are also used for entertaining humans in a race track. But pigs are for humans to eat. Hence, animals that can be classified as serviceable beings, such as camels (boats on deserts), dogs (guards for home), and cats (predators of rats) etc., should deserve moral status. Animals that are at the edge of extinction should also deserve moral status.

How ought we to treat animals? – Dolphins, for example, are considered one of the smartest animals and they provide entertainment like water games or sports. They are often well treated by their trainers. Rats, though are quite smart beings, are not so fortunate. Many effective medicines are produced after extensive and intensive testing with rats. If we had gone back in time and stopped using rats for experimentation in order to adhere to the call for treating animals kindly, we would not have saved millions of lives. In short, we ought to treat animals as well as we could, not according to their basic rights, but in accordance with the most useful role we think they should play in this world.

Do they have moral rights? – According to activist TOM REGAN, all animals have basic rights. PETER SINGER also mentioned that until we change our dietary habits, we cannot stop rearing and killing other animals. We must remember that, though all animals have the rights to live, many people also have the same basic rights to eat some kinds of animals to survive. Thus, implementation of moral rights for animals, if any, could only be achieved when human needs for adequate food are satisfactorily attained. Though all animals were originally created to live freely in nature, they have moral rights that are influenced by their administrators – humans.


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