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Any business set-up is prone to experience ethical dilemma. One is said to be in business dilemma when he/she make a tough choice between an either moral or immoral action (Weiss, 2003). It arises when employees are forced by circumstances to act immorally to make their bosses happy. Workers suffer from many dilemmas in their career as well as in business world (Cohen, 2007). The need for recognition cause some workers undergo financial pressure and even hunger. Some may even use false information against their colleagues in order to get promotion (Fernando, 2009). Training workers on ethics should be one of the goals of companies. As utilitarianism puts it, evaluation of an ethical action is by observing at its concerns and deliberating on options between the good and the bad (Ferrell et al, 2009). It is the responsibility of companies as well as businesses to invest in training their workers on how to make the right choices when faced with dilemma (Cohen, 2007). The main priority of many companies is profit-making.

Victoria should be aware of the fact that she is likely to act unethically at times, so as to keep her job. It is clear that her boss will do anything to make sure that goals of the company and objectives are met, even making unethical decision. Everybody, in Koki International, is expected to comply with Wendy’s orders. Sometimes Victoria employs unfair competition against the company’s competitors (Weiss, 2003). This is in order to attract big market share. The use of threat by Wendy means that the workers will act immorally to ensure the company’s success. Wendy’s decision is likely to ruin the company’s reputation. Some workers, who she plans to lay off, may sue the company in future. Frank also acts unethically by agreeing to comply with Wendy’s quest to have workers laid off in future.

Monopoly occurs when there is no completion in the market for product (Cohen, 2007). It leads to suppliers charging higher prices than if there were competition (Fernando, 2009). The company may decide to first bring down its competitor before raising the prices. Monopoly is an illegal act as it leads to customers of the competitors to be blocked off (Weiss, 2003).


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