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According to Pollock (2008), a value systems or a code of ethics to educate and guide the behavior of those who work within an organization is common, and some institutions have both (p. 189). County jail as an institution has codes of ethics, which governs the officers working in it. "Just as individual values influence one's ethics, an organization value systems influences the ethics of the organization's members" (Pollock, 2008, p. 189). For instance, if a person values wealthy so much, integrity may be compromised to attain it. In reference to our scenario, there are codes of ethics which can be applied.

In this case is will reference the code of ethics which say; Criminal justice professional do not continue to practice while having a physical or mental disability which renders the counselor unable to practice the occupation or profession with reasonable skill or which may endanger the health and safety of the persons under his/her care. This code also concurs with the view of Bank (2004), who say professions commonly have code of ethics regulating standards for the protection of clients and the public, and the desire for professional status is a core rationale for improvement of police codes of ethics (2004).

It is evident from the historical records of conducts, that the correction officer being investigated was undergoing personal problems, which might have highly contributed to his reaction. The domestic issues, which had engulfed his family, could have probably affected him psychologically. Following evaluation of previous conduct of the officer, he don't qualify to be fired, but instead should be subjected to medical evaluation to find out if he has psychological problem. The officer having gone through the training and in reference to his past records was a man of dignity. Just as Allen and Sawhney (2009) argue, equipping professionals with necessary ethical skills ensures that criminal justice personnel will react as desired when confronted with a situation that could allow for unacceptable behavior (p. 155). Therefore, the reaction of the correction could not be expected under normal circumstances.

Generally when we talk of ethic, people think of what is right or wrong. Thus it is important to understand how to distinguish what can be termed as wrong or right. In the case of our scenario, the correction officer was not sober when he breached the ethics and thus can't be subjected to the punishment demanded by the breach. "Because ethical decisions are rarely black-and-white, we need to carefully consider all the possible ethical problems that might arise from our research" (Evans & Rooney, 2010, p. 51).

The issue of his daughter being associated with a man from different race can't attribute to misfortunes of the officer; however, the fact that man has been arrested in connection domestic violence could have disturbed the officer so much. The decision of pardoning the officer in this matter is in order and accordance to the institution culture.

In conclusion, it is obvious that, ethics in any institution aid in controlling members in their conduct or any involvements which builds public trust of discipline. There are legal rules, which govern behavior of a given society, but ethical rule are broader and informal compared to the laws. Ethical concepts are employed to criticize, assess, suggest, and give detailed explanation of the law and thus should not be overlooked in any manner.


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