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In the case of corporate cover-up, several ethical issues have been described. One of the ethical issues described in this case is the avoidance of ordinary negligence. Health care practitioners should ensure that they do not neglect their patients and this means that they should efficiently attend to their needs. Another ethical issue described in the case is the avoidance of medical malpractice. This shows that medical practitioners should not engage in medical malpractice while offering medical services to their patients.

Breach of contract is another ethical issue described in the case of corporate cover-up. This ethical issue tells medical practitioners that they should not do anything that is outside the terms of medical service. In addition, medical practitioners should avoid wrongful deaths among their patients. In this connection, nurses and doctors should offer the right health services to their patients in order to avoid wrongful death.

Hospital leaders should ensure the right number of staff in the health services. Adequate number of health practitioners ensures that all patients are attended to in the best way possible. In order to distribute limited dollars to address the shortage of staffing, I would have to consider the number of hospitals that have inadequate number of health workers. I would also consider the number of people served in each hospital in a day to know the number of health workers required. This would allow me to know the amount of dollars I should issue to each health institution depending on the need for more health workers.


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Mothers who smoke, drink, and do not follow their physician's advice on prenatal care should be convicted. This is because they risk the lives of the unborn and thus they can be said to be engaging in murder. Mothers should avoid anything that creates harm to the fetus and this involves disobeying the physician's advice. To my opinion, the woman in the case of refusing C-section should be charged with murder because if she had obeyed the doctor's instructions, she would have saved the life of the baby.


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