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Trading abuses occur when unscrupulous investors utilize publicly unavailable information to the weakness of their competitors, in the process of insider dealing. It may also take place when there is a distortion of price-setting mechanism of given financial instruments. Similarly, dissemination of misleading or false information is an unacceptable act amounting to trading abuse. When this happens, any sober understands that is ineffective implementation of ethical regulations that ought to ensure fair competition in securities exchange market (Carey). The acknowledgement of rapidly growing trends of trading abuses by the US General Accounting Office is shocking. As a regulatory body, people would expect to report on the contrary.

Business ethics is as vital as personal discipline in day to day living. The post is an informative observation, which not only captures the realities of market trends, but also shows the failure of market regulatory authorities in implementing regulations of trading ethics. It is an orderly presentation of the subject matter, giving readers no chance of missing even a single point. In spite of its commendable structure and accurate analysis of the problem, the post demonstrates a lack of proficiency in by the writer to make effective use of the citation styles available. In general, the post is an excellent piece of writing that enlightens the minds of those who may have had little knowledge of unacceptable dealings in trading environments.


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