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Free «Enhanced Interrogation Techniques» Essay Sample

Enhanced Interrogation Techniques were used on the terrorist after the act of September 11, 2001. The analyzed methods of interrogation were inhumane. They were unjust because of what they had done to people. Those activities were to torture the persons, make them suffer, and, sometimes, even make them wish they were dead.

Enhanced interrogation techniques were unethical and not morally right. Functions, which were exercised during the enhanced interrogation program, violated the ethical standard that physicians are not supposed to use their medical skills in facilitating torture or be in the scene where torture is taking place (Fiore, 2010). Medical professionals are not supposed to take part in torture by any means as this is contrary to clinical research and experience (Fiore, 2010). The participation of medical professionals in the mentioned above program presents a failure by the doctors involved to maintain ethical medical values. These doctors did not consider the physical and mental pain caused by these techniques as they only recognized the threshold exposure limits of the techniques.


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The enhanced interrogations techniques are unjustifiable and unethical as they even caused deaths of some detainees (Weaver, 2011). The training of such methods stimulated a striking increase in symptoms associated with post-traumatic stress disorder and stress hormone levels of those involved (Weaver, 2011). This means that the program has prolonged unhealthy effects to people involved. This program was also unethical and uneffective because it forced the detainees to provide false information so that they can please the interrogators and escape the torture. In this context, it is not easy to determine what the prisoner provides is false or true as he would say anything that can stop his suffering.

Enhanced interrogation is very inhumane and does not help when trying to get the actual truth out. There are policies and procedures that have to be established to get these illegal actions undone and not being stressed or punished for answers.


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