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H.S.R.I provides consultation and conducts research at state and federal levels in development disabilities, child and family services, mental health and substance use. The institution was started with an objective of transforming the lives of the humble and vulnerable. The organization’s interest has been manifested by the involvement in quality improvement in a number of issues such as family support and deinstitutionalization.

In the face of resource scarcity in human services systems, the organization developed refined strategies to be used in planning framework. The frameworks have been adopted by various states such as Georgia, Missouri and Colorado. H.S.R.I takes part in programs of various states and helps them to create infrastructure and facilities necessary for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and help organizations find competent employees who provide quality support to the community. H.S.R.I staffs have participated in implementation of community support program at Mental Health Institute and housing design for disabled people (Brody, 2005).

Another project of H.S.R.I was the contract that they received from human services department in Oregon. The main aim of the program is to review eighteen other programs to ensure the best results possible. The program was such that it could indicate how each of the other programs could be improved. This facilitated the best implementation of projects and also it helped in reviewing the audit compliance of each project (Brody, 2005). The mission of H.S.R.I works towards meeting the following guidelines: assist public managers and human service that support work for disabled, expanding the use of research to enhance performance and improve the lives of people. The organization facilitates involvement in policy shaping that prioritizes and practices individual and families support.

H.S.R.I has taken part in various research projects that portray ethical leadership. In 1980’s, H.S.R.I developed a report on quality for department of health and services of the United States. The report improved the quality of services and acted as a guide in the field of human services. H.S.R.I designed a “Quadrant Method”, it was meant to assist Institute of Mental Health in determining potential number of citizens with persistent mental illness who require services (Brody, 2005).

The staffs took part in a follow up study for experiences of people who receive community support. The institute, together with Developmental Disabilities Council, has taken part in programs that promote policies for family support. More to that H.S.R.I has incorporated an evaluation program, Technical Evaluation Center (T.E.C). The program is used to evaluate services and give technical assistance to mental health system for improvement of planning and implementation of operations of mental health services (Shapiro & Stefkovich, 2010).

H.S.R.I practices self-advocacy. This refers that people speaking up for themselves without fear. The organization advocates for people to make life decision without undue influence. People with disabilities are rendered powerless and those with intellectual disabilities live their entire life in homes and institutions where they have no control over their lives. Self-advocacy in people with disabilities is called self-empowerment or patient empowerment and it encourages taking care and support of themselves in the journey to their recovery (Shapiro & Stefkovich, 2010). H.S.R.I has worked for over three decades with people with disabilities in supporting their organization, giving information and providing guiding in bodies that take part in policy-making.

In conclusion, the services rendered by the H.S.R.I have had very massive influence to people, including ones with disabilities. The organization has embarked on quality improvement, family support and performance measurements. The adoption of policies have led to exploration of best practices in improving quality of the people’s lives, enriching system assurance, and providing technical assistance to waiver managers around the state.


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