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Ethics are rules that guide the conduct of individuals in any given profession. Doctors and nurses should always stick to certain ethical principles when looking after their patients. This paper seeks to explain ethical practices among nurses who take care of old people.

Healthcare professionals and support staff must follow specific code of nursing ethics when working with old people. The issue under scrutiny here is how nurses handle their care of aging persons with financial difficulties. Old people face a number of challenges, financial constraints being one of them. All the problems need to be addressed by the care system and stakeholders.

The aged population often suffers from many medical conditions that require expensive and extensive medication, but they are not able to buy them. Money for meeting medication needs is not always available. It is a political issue constantly addressed by the Congress, but with little publicity, it is dropped from legislature. It is very sad that about 20% of old people have been reported to be taking less medication than prescribed. They tend to skip required doses so that the medication can last longer. They even spend less amount of money on food to afford medicine (Bennett and Flaherty-Robb, 2003). It is upon nurses to treat such people with care, and sometimes, to give them vital medication even if they cannot pay for it.

America’s health care system should focus more on the American caregivers - the nurses. This is because they are the ones who support the older Americans financially, socially, and even emotionally. Non-intervention leads to less productivity because no support is provided to them.

Ethical problems that the nursing body faces require appropriate mitigation measures to be implemented to enable nurses to provide quality services to the older Americans.


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