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Researches in the area of the genetic engineering have led to numerous discoveries regarding preventable and untreatable diseases including ways to fabricate genes that would be superior. Currently, scientists are capable of diagnosing diseases even in the unborn child and carry out procedures that improve the child’s abilities (ACOG). Genetic testing has taken a significant role in the detection of gene mutations, and the tests allow individuals to establish whether they possess certain disease-associated alleles (Norrgard). However, despite the importance of genetic testing and research, there are highly relevant numerous ethical issues related to this sensitive problem. These ethical issues relate to the access of genetic information, consent on genetic testing, social concerns with respect to societal beliefs, morals and values together with individuals choices (Norrgard).

The discussing researches have already facilitated deeper understanding of different genetic diseases, which offers the affected individuals the promising future. Genetic advancements are meant to assist in the alleviating various genetic disorders. However, it implies that special social norms have to be defined in order to offer equal life opportunities to those with genetic disorders (ACOG). I would allow the conduction of procedures to recover genetically defective eyesight in the coming years since it offers chances to the affected individuals. It allows these individuals to live normal lives and feel themselves appreciated within the society like the rest of people. In case a child has IQ related disorder, I would willingly allow the conducting of IQ improvement procedure to offer the unborn child the chance to prove his or her worth to the society.


The matters regarding genetic testing and procedures may have social implications, but the social implications are even worse when the affected remain untreated. Therefore, society has to transform with the changing world and embrace advancements in science to make human existence better. However, the society ought to create boundaries or limitations to the utilization of genetic research findings. Ethical issues within this sector ought to be considered to prevent unethical activities conducted in the name of genetic advancements. According to core values, responsible stewardship ought to be embrace to ensure community development and resourcefulness and respect individual talents and dignity.


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